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Here you can find the answers to the most common questions. Hope it will be helpful for you!

Technical Questions

Q:  Where can I find Epic Perfect World client?
A: Just click the link Here

We have a few options for downloading the client, just choose the best for you.

Q:  I'm having problems patching client, seems that the auto-patch doesn't work. Can I download manual patches?

A: Yes, you can find all the manual patches Here

Q: My launcher doesn't update, am I doing something wrong?
A: Check the most common issues and fixes page Here

Q: What is the server time?
A: It's UTC (GMT +0)

Gear and Questions

Q:  I`m new here. How do I make gear and what is the best place to level up?
A: Best place to level up is "Phoenix Valley", it can be entered by talking to the NPC called "Khoan the Survivor". It can be found in every major city. Most used ; Archosaur East (572 646).

Here is a step-by-step guide on gear.

Q:  What is Chrono World(Old Heaven Tear) and how can I enter it?
A: Chrono World (OHT) contains a few different maps, and you can enter them by talking to the NPC "Messenger of time (552 654  27)", which can be found on the platform in middle of Archosaur.
NOTE: To travel there, you need to purchase a "Chrono Key" from the "Messenger of time"

Q: What are Epic coins? What for are they used? And where do I get them?
A: Epic coins - is this server currency. It's alternative to Cubi / Zen / Gold and you can buy different items for it. You can check what you can buy in any God's Giving NPC (Quick Exchange option).
There are many different ways to acquire EC - from daily quests (Bounty hunter quest, World quest, Cube of Fate), to world bosses. EC is also the reward from daily events hosted by GMs. There is a dungeon called Rebirth delta(or GV), where you can get EC as well.
You can find the guide to farming Epic Coins Here

Q: What is a "BH"?
A: BH is Bounty Hunter daily quest, which you take from platform in middle Archosaur, from an NPC called: "Bounty Hunter".
Finishing these quests gives you EC + ST and gives you "Divine Order Of Void". With this order you can take the quest from NPC Divine Emmissary Of Void (550 634  22).
Here is a detailed BH guide.

Q:  After finishing blue/violet quest I got "Divine Order Of Void", what can I use it for?
A: You can exchange each one for 50 Epic Coins at NPC Divine Emissary Of Shadow.

Q:  Why can't I enter sage or demon world?
A: To be able enter, you need finish the cultivation - demon or sage.

Q:  How do I make sage or demon cultivation?
A:  Here you can find useful guide for it

Q: What should I choose: demon or sage?
A: It depends a lot from your class, you can always ask people who play for your class, what they suggest. It's mostly your choice, what fits you the best and depends on the game play. Check and see what sage/demon skills give you and what you prefer.

Q: How do I get my sage/demon skill books?
A: Every skillbook can be purchased via the boutique in game for 1 gold each. (press O in the game, choose tab "Skill books", your race tab and surf there to find skill books you need.
Some skills can be made using:
Mysterious page - one skill book will cost 30 of those pages and you can buy them from God's giving (it can be found in every city, near Teleporters).
Page of Fate - each skill book cost 2 of them and they can be acquired by finishing Cube of Fate or bought from the Boutique.
Old book pages - one skill book requires 5 of those pages, which you can acquire from world bosses, Rebirth Delta dungeon.
For these pages you can purchase skill books from the Skills Forge.

Q: What is FCC? How do I get there? What`s the point of doing it?
A: FCC or Frostcovered City is an instance. It is a good place to level up when you are 135+ and you can farm mats needed for your Lvl.140 Primal gears in there.
NOTE: Finishing FC you will get pure god stone and Epic coins.

Q: How can I get demonic gears? Are they better than 140lvl "Primal"?
A: To make demonic gears, you need Demonic tokens (armors, accessories and weapon tokens), they can be bought for gold from the boutique or for Epic coins from God's Giving. Demonic is just a bit better than the Primal set. It is more expensive and harder to get, but with it you can make one of our Lvl.150 sets (Dragon set).

Q: What are "Pure God Stones"? How I can get them and how do I use them?
A: Pure god stones can be made to better socket stones, you can check what stones you can make at the God's Giving. You can get those stones from world bosses, from certain instances and buying with EC or for gold from the Boutique.

Q: What are recraft stones? How do I get them and how do I use them?
A: Recraft stones are used to improve some of your equipment (check at 'Armors' forges). You can get them from Frostcovered City, PhoenixValley, Boutique or buying with Epic Coins.

Q: I saw people with some additional stats on their accessories (for example +7 magic, +7 dexterity and so on) How can I add this to my ornaments?
A: The stats are gained through gear engraving done at the Engrave forges located in various cities such as Lost, Archosaur and Etherblade. Useful Guides Here, and Here.

Q: Why can't I learn certain Psychic skills past level 10? (demon or sage)
A: To balance the server, some psychic skills can`t be learned past level 10. (This includes Psychic's 'soul skills' i.e.  Soul Of Silence etc.)

Q: How can I get gold/cubi in game?
A: You can acquire gold/cubi by voting everyday (you can vote every six hours) Or by donating

Q: What is rancor? And when it`s going on?
A: Rancor or invasion, is an automated event held a few times per day. 150lvl mobs are surrounding some cities, they are easy to kill and very useful for new players to level up. Here you can find small guide with time and info of automated events

Q: Where do I find world bosses and what they drop, whats they respawn time?
A: Here you can find all useful information about world bosses


Q: What is Cube of Fate? How do I enter it?
A: It's an instance, which you can do once a day. Its a kind of a table game, where you draw a dice and move forward (or sometimes - back wards). You can enter the Cube of Fate by talking to the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup in any of the main cities.
Prize for finishing cube is some EC and Pages of Fate.

Here you can find guide for cube
NOTE: You don`t have to be sage or demon to be able do cube.

Q: What is Rebirth delta? How can I enter it? How many times per day I can do it?
A: Rebirth Delta or otherwise known as Goddess Valley (GV) is an instance, which you can enter having 6 rebirth order delta (you get those by finishing Bounty Hunter quest or buying from God's Giving npc).
The minimum number of people required to enter is only 2, but you are able to finish GV only with full squad.
You can do it as much as you want, but note that it takes about 2hr to finish (depends how are you doing it - respawn or normal).
In GV there is 10 waves of mobs (after each wave there comes the boss) and the last 11 wave - only boss.
After each boss at the beginning of dungeon mobs appear (they look like God's Giving NPC) and when they are killed they drop a lot of coins and old epic coins.
NOTE: to kill those mobs never use archer aoe skill which pushes mobs far away, cause most of your drops will be left in the air and you won't be able to pick them up.

And make sure, that your squad leader doesn't disconnect, cause if leader leaves squad or gives lead to another person - quest fails.
After each boss you receive Mysterious Tome pages, used to create a tome and after finishing all waves - one lvl.7 tome fragment

You can check here for more info

Q: What is the difference between spawn and normal GV?
A: When you are doing spawn spot, you finish faster, but all squad members have to go to the end of dungeon, at the place where mobs spawn.
NOTE: Leader has to stay near NPC, to take quest when everyone is there and AOEs are set up.

And normal is done by god's eye NPC. It takes longer, but has less chance to fail, cause by digging beans you can set auras to help you. There is some different auras: defense, attack, chi and healing aura.

Q: What is beans? How do I get them? And how do it use it?
A: Beans are the material, you can dig in one of they valley of Rebirth and used to summon auras, which helps you fight the mobs.


Q: What is a genie and how do I get one?
A: Genie is something like a pet, that you can teach different skills to, to help you in PvE and PvP. In order to receive a genie, you must speak to the Watcher of the Earth NPC.
If you want new genie = you can buy it from Watcher of the Earth for 3 Mirage Celestones.

Q: What is main differences between genies?
A:  There is 4 types of genies and at start they have different stats(same as your char):
  •  Infliction - Strength affinity
  •  Discipline - Vitality affinity
  •  Zeal - Magic affinity
  •  Longevity - Dexterity affinity

Q: What does those skills do?
A: STR: 1 point of str adds about 1% damage to a genies skills
DEX: 1 point of dex increases the range, duration and success rate of status effects
VIT: 1 point of vit increases the max energy of your genie by 1
MAG: 40 points of magic gives your genie 1 more skill slot to learn a skill
50 points of magic increases the energy recovery rate by 1/sec

NOTE: Some genie skills requires some amount of different affinities

Q: What else do I need to learn genie skills?
A: Learn genie affinities. You need right click on your genie icon, on your window, press on Affinities and add stats you are needed.
NOTE: Different skills, need different amount of affinities.

Q: How do I learn genie skills?
A: You can learn genie skills at Watcher of Earth (you need your genie unequipped). Choose function learn genie skills from NPC, put there your genie and learn skills what you want.

Q: What is genie stamina for?
A: When you use the genie - you are using its energy and stamina. To get stamina you need to feed your genie. Just buy some chi stones from God's Giving and drag them to your genie icon in your inventory.

Q: What does genie "lucky points" stand for?
A: The more Lucky points your genie has - the more stats it gets. The more stats - the better genie.

Q: I want to sell my genie to other person or NPC, why can't I do it?
A: To be able sell genie, you need to change its state to Trade ready. You can do it by pressing on its icon on your screen.
NOTE: To switch it takes 3 days. It might say 168 hours but it's less.

Q: Is there any way to lvl up your genie fast?
A: Yes, you can infuse spirit of exp. Just right click on genie icon on your screen and choose Infuse, there choose one of three variants from which you will be leveling your genie: exp cube, exp or spirit.
Useful guides: Leveling Genie Faster & Genie Guide
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