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Hot Potato Event

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should do a tag event that uses the bombs you can get in rooms in the cube of fate but with a shorter timer and there are like 10-16 people one person randomly starts with the bomb and you have items that are instacast that transfers it to another player within a close range.

No Speed Buffs / Jumps / Tiger Form / Speed Pots should be allowed since it would make it so sins basically win this event.
No Deaden Nerves Buff since its a 1 chance thing only event.
No Teaming

Obviously this should be done in a Small area so that no one is completely out of luck when they get the bomb. But the timer (if possible) should go from player to player dropping down continuously so say i have only like 15 seconds left and I give it to someone else they only have 15 seconds left to get rid of the bomb to the next person.

Ty Chiibi for the great Avatar and Siggy <3

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The first thing that came to my mind :(
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We already have a hot potato 

Valhalla when they can win pk cause they outnumber us

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we already have a hot potato

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We do not have a hot potato. +1
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