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Savings Bank Feature

Offline Draik2008

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i was thinking, how hard would it be to put in a savings bank or something like that?

e.g. a bank that you put your coins, gold and silver into and you gain 1% interest every 24hours or something like that, as long as you vote. so every time you vote it resets the timer for 24hours. if you dont vote within 24hours then you dont get the interest.

its something that should make more people vote.

please let me know your opinions.

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sounds a bit hard >.< i barely understand the concept..

Offline columbine

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With in-game coin so easy to come by, I'm not sure this is really needed.  And actually, having gold as a reward for voting already makes it a bit redundant.

If they did this they'd have to raise the prices on everything.  I think I'd vote "no".
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Offline Asator

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Not possible I believe to modify files in such manner to make this happen.
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