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Tomes and Tome Pages Disappearing

Offline Skilverlight

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So I was making quite a lot of tomes in bulk to make several higher level tomes when it wouldn't let me anymore. I'm not sure if it was because it was stacking (ex: Tome of Grace x6). Anyway, I relogged to see if this would help and when I came back on half the tomes were missing. I can't recall which however.. Just know it was a lot of level ones tomes. I used 86 EC to make mystical tome pages, and bought 24 from the boutique (which also disappeared along with relogging).

Just.. was odd.


Offline DeadAngel

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I've had the exact same thing happen to me. Made a bunch of lvl 1 Tomes. They stacked so I decided to re-log. Once I got back to game some of the Tomes that I made were there but the others weren't. I lost a good amount of Mystical Tome Pages and Fragments. Now I have to farm back what I lost.

Offline Pacific

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Agatio is aware of this and hes reverting it back to the way it was before so just wait until the next patch.
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