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Remove Buffable SZ in NS?

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I think its dumb how people can afk alts to buff their self in safe zone. Remove buffable safe zone plox.
Btw, I not fluent English. Btw, I suck at forum post. Btw, I just give my suggestion.

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I don't see what difference it makes if they put their alts in a random non- safe zone spot somewhere else in the world. Say at 78 height in a random spot ... you won't kill em there either >.>


The safe zone is there for a reason. It prevents people from blindsiding players who have just teleported in, as well as gives players a place to run back to when they're done farming.. A lot of the PvPers on Nightscream are terribad enough, we don't need to give them any more power.


This is a really bad idea. If people afk buff themselves, let them. It shows how much skill someone has if they need full buffs to go out. But when there's mass PK people should be able to rebuff inside SZ.