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Alt TW factions

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Alsalamo Alikom

I'm just wondering why it's not allowed to do TW with alt faction ? :'( its really fun to do TW with an alt :D


...seriously? If TWing with an alt faction was allowed, people would be heavily manipulating TWs. Possible scenarios include:

1. Main faction places a max bid on their alt faction's territory, or vice-versa to prevent a competing faction from bidding on it.
2. Main faction bids on a faction X's territory, then uses their alt faction to bid on another territory held by faction X.

It just doesn't make any sense to allow it. The real question is why would it be allowed to TW with an alt faction?

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I'm talking about faction who wanna try to TW with there alt for fun
not about serious gamers who play try hard to win

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yes, but by allowing that, you're allowing people to get away with other stuff to ruin the game. thats like only allowing skinny people to have candy, then freaking out because they're selling it to fat people


1st off all next time stay on topic

and true HO allied worms
but it allied cause axegroups is allied to another 10 factions trying hard to kill us ..
no fun when 10 factions allied each others to pk you .. 100 people vs 2 squads you think its fun ?? plus 1 fps all the time .. so we allied worms might help but still holy assians getting more ally and killing the fun ( thats called try hard to win )

sad people taking pixels serious .. wish the server will back like what it was 2 months ago all factions vs each others

1. It was on-topic. We're talking about TW and alt factions here.
2. Now you see the predicament alt factions cause. Only instead of multiple factions, it's just one faction with a bunch of alts.
3. It wasn't really any different 2 months ago.

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It was allowed before. Believe me, it's better the way it is now. ???

You don't want to exasperate GN Sleep  :pig-11: :pig-37:

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People tried it on PWI. Then got Perma-Banned (Well, that's what they call it).

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I frankly think it's kind of a pointless rule, but they put it in place for a reason. If you want to TW with an alt put it in a small TW guild. There's no rules against that. I can do with or without the rule tbh. Just a suggestion if you want to do TW.
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No. I have to agree with Antihero here... It doesn't matter if it's for fun or for the serious gamers, leaders would still bid on their main guild to keep lands.

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As people have said, it's to stop people manipulating TW, in a variety of ways.
Not to mention we want as many people to attempt TW as possible. In the past a dominant guild had an 'alt faction' that would bring 60+ people to their alt guild's TW and ended up owning a very substancial number of lands, preventing smaller guilds from participating. 

Since you've got your answer and this topic turned into a dramafest I'll lock it.