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Problem with spirit points

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Hi to all, this is my first post in forum, hope to never post wrong ... ;D

I got a "Spirit" problem on 2 of my Epic toon.
They both have reached an amount of spirit points > of a billion and the char panel now write the value like "-" with negative sing  :-\
I never notice it until i got a new skill to install, but with my big surprice,
when i went to the relative NPC to get it,
it promt me "Insufficent spirit points"  ??? ??? ???
Than i went to Genie NPC for try to lower them under the billion value for try to remove the "minus" sign,
but with my big surprice... im unable to use spirit points too for level any kind of genie.
Now my question is easy dear GM's,
is this a known issue, or im doing something wrong?
ATM i own 12 char lvl 150, and this fact happen only im my oldest once
and of course in both other a billion spirits points.
Plz help, im stuck with them.
ty very much in Advance


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well you need to contact a gm ingame to revert ur spirit back..Khaleesi is Online ATM so maybe she could help you out if you're ingame..

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Got it and fixed :) thx Ellliee
I guess everyone was on my profile :$