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OVERSEERS PK 25.07.2013.

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My first recording and video attempt:)

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The quality of video is too low for me. Cant watch it like that.
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i want to see your first video, if you have not recorded anything before:)
There were tones of worms, hangovers, xpandables there, this is not a good place and time to chill:)
I was lagging badly, as  i often do in mass pvp, but well, this is what i`ve got and it is fine  for the start:)
P.S. That pk was no fun, I think current pk on server is no fun to anyone except the 3 above mentioned factions:)

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Nice video <3.  :monkey-26: :monkey-23:

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Nice video <3.  :monkey-26: :monkey-23:

The only person that compliments the author. +1 to that.
Plus guys, if the PK got heated don't take it into the forums that they are, are aren't a sh*tty faction.

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Nice video c:
I see myself and I don't think I even die for like 10 minutes LOL
Cute guild though, PK more for practice and you'll get better.

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The video quality was not the best, but at least you tried.

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Any advice what quality looks good on youtube, what format best?

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I did mine with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and choosed Windows Media Video V11  -  8Mbps HD 1080-30p Video
Pretty good quality like that.

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 :P :P :P :P :PHehehehe COOL APA~