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no server

Offline mha23

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why theres no server on my launcher ?.. for the update ?.

help me please ?.. what can i do ?..


Offline crimsonrose

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Well for 1 it'd be nice if you didn't make more then one post, there are GMs and Supports that do and read most of the topics :3

With that being said, when you click on the file there would be "config" "element" "launcher" "patcher" the Launcher would be in the launcher file

if it's not there then the files may be corrupted

1. did you download the server via Chrome?
2. some anti-viruses block or delete files so you'll have to either wait for a gm or support (or look at the other forum posts) to tell you how to get around that

uhhmm.....yea that's all i got >>

Offline elllieee

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Specify your client version please and yes check exceptions on your antivirus.