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Apparently it's glitches.
Apparently it's also glitched on PWI
This apparently means it wont get fixed here anytime soon.

Should we continue with old ones?

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- you can run the quest only once per day
- when teleported, click the pop ups and wait around 10 seconds to get the quest item or quest may fail
- make sure your squad gets 7k+ points

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 :pig-16: once per day.  :tiger-26:

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this TM works 100% fine...
i just got to know how it works, but im too busy now i will make a full complete guide when ig et home later at night.

basicly is what Agatio said.


:pig-16: once per day.  :tiger-26:

I think thats the same with aba, there the squad members can only get the quest once a day so what you have to do is make sure that inside the cave the person who see's the flag above the npc's head can take the reward :) Just pass lead to that person and its solved ^^