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As I have recently become the Leader of Helpful I'd like to welcome you to our new recruitment thread! I look forward to answering any questions you may have about our faction as well as providing a brief introduction.

Welcome to Helpful!

Our Mission:

It is the mission of Helpful to provide a fun, respectful and helpful atmosphere for our members to call home. Each member is a unique and important part of our community; to judge someone by means of gear or level are merely forms of exclusion. Helpful aims to be a faction where our members can feel as though they are amongst a large circle of friends. To those tired of the exclusion, tired of finding no help, and to those tired of being merely a number, Helpful seeks to be your refuge!


1. Respect all players, both those in the faction and outside of it.

2. Helpful is an English speaking faction, therefore English is the preferred language of faction chat.

3. Attacking fellow factionmates should be avoided. We're all on the same team!

4. If you have a problem with another member please solve it privately, or ask for an officer to assist you.

Helpful considers itself friendly to all factions until such a time they attack, harass or otherwise harm our members without provocation. To those ends we will engage in non-aggression towards all factions unless attacked or otherwise provoked.


Current officers of Helpful are:

Leader: Parisa
Director: Vacant
Marshals: OneSix

A new website will be prepared soon. :smiley:
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hi parisa, gratz with ur faction and GL with it, but i have other question where r u from? cuz parisa is persian name am i right?
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Thank you, much appreciated!

And to answer your question I'm from the US. I just thought the name Parisa would be fitting for a cleric, plus Persian names are quite nice. ^-^
Parisa - 150 Demon Cleric