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so it was raining off in the distance on my way back from disney...

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I just thought some of u wud find it cool like I did..I've seen it a lot just never taken a picture
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Hehehe, it would be cool being very close to it :3 I like wild shit :33

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Looks more like fog imo o.o really cool though.
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Lol, it's like "Fck this are in particular".  :normal-2:

"Fck this spot in particular"*
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I've seen that happen once before, My mum told me it was raining where i was headed off to, I didn't know anything about it at the time and thought it was just fog. :normal-19:

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I've driven past the rain, looked back to see it all gloomy behind. Best. moment. ever.


I've seen this before, also. It's really cool to see. :) Nice pic.