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Faction Icons

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This guide is deprecated. Refer to Guild Icon Guide for the current way to request faction icons.

Faction icons have to be sent on email:

[email protected]

You can make your icon with Paint/Gimp, search on google images, or find on http://www.iconarchive.com

To add guild icon following requirements must be met:

- faction must have at least 10 active members and be at least 3 days old

- email should be titled: Faction Icon - [Guild Name]

- message should contain faction's leader name

- best size for icon: 20x20 pixels (anything between 20x20 to 32x32 pixels guarantees good icon quality)

Faction icons are added with patches

If your guild already has an icon, you can always change it if you feel so. Just send the new icon on my email and it will be updated.

Remember - for transparency icon must not have any background!

Preferred formats of transparent images: png, gif, ico, photoshop project, gimp project.

jpg and bmp images don't allow transparency.

I don't fix images to be transparent, please don't ask me for that.

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updated the email, please don't spam Burdette with guild icons any longer :police: