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5 Ridiculous Products to make Woman less GROSS :P


Well ..... I never  ??? :P

#1: Anti-Cellulite Products
The manufacturers of anti-cellulite devices and creams have made millions upon millions of dollars convincing women they hold the secret to getting rid of dimpled skin on the backs of women's thighs. But as Dr. Molly Wanner, a professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School who wrote a 2008 review of the existing options told The New York Times: "There is no outstanding treatment for cellulite." So let's all agree not to buy into the idea that there's anything wrong with some uneven skin and, therefore, agree to stop spending money on products that are backed by very little evidence. Or, if your cellulite really rankles you, remember that "weight loss -- through healthy diet and regular exercise -- is probably the most beneficial cellulite treatment," the Mayo Clinic says.

#2: Pubic Hair Dye
Yes, it's a thing. And no, we can't even begin to wrap our heads around this one.

Though manufacturers say pubic hair dyes are designed to be safe and can help with pressing questions about identity ("Are you a true blonde? Of course you are!" says pubic hair dye maker Betty's website) the bigger question is ... huh? Or, as O Magazine put it,"Who cares if the drapes don't match the rug (or whatever)? Who cares if you're going gray?"

#3: The Camel Toe Guard
Yes, this too, is a thing that exists.

The Cuchini, an adhesive pad you place in the front of your underwear, solves a total non-problem -- the abject horror that supposedly ensues when your spandex or jeans creep up and give you camel toe, thereby blinding every human being who looks upon your groin for the rest of his or her days.

#5: "Poo-Pourri"
As the famous book tells us, "Everybody Poops," but going to the bathroom apparently causes grown women all kinds of agida. (To wit: The Cut's awesome battle-cry urging women to "Lean in and poop at the office already.") Poo-pourri takes those "bathroom fears" and runs with them. The secret to a good relationship? Leaving the bathroom smelling better than you found it. Which, we suppose, means that the rest of us who think it's perfectly ok to go, flush and not give t a second thought are what, exactly? Condemned to a life of eternal spinsterhood?

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I shouldn't have read this.

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Where's #4?

I deemed #4 not appropriate for viewing  >:D :-*  It has a lot of 
in it

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#4 paperbag (*cept for who has dem eyes oh lawd ;D)

I'm always erect.


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ok ill change the topic, Ridiculous 'Just for Women' products
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lol sara nice one :D
this ppl invent anything...with the weirdest excuses lol


LOL Sara, loved the vid .........on my way to the store now to pick up my lady pen


Omg haha! I want one too!!!