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So, here I was, being noob at Sirry Wine camp when suddenly Zethe appeared! This good sir kindly reminded me how noob I was for being a member of Ducks since we took almost two hours to beat hangover with 80 ducks vs 24 of them.*

I feel it's not fair to judge ducks just by the numbers so I wish to explain how it took 80 of us so long to beat 24 of these godly warriors.

So, here we were, TW just started, amazed at how shiny the crystal was. We summoned our yellow chocobos, let our a mighty battle quack and departed down the B lane. An unstoppable storm of quacks and yellow duckyness. As shown on Apple Maps we turned left at the B turrets, and left again once we hit lane A. Finally, the enemy stronghold was in sight! We readied our triplesparks, holypathed into their stronghold and quickly 3spark-occulted the crystal. No hangovers in sight whatsoever. Because no doubt the fear of our battlequacks had scared them off we continued to DD their crystal.
But then something terrible happened, our crystal was under attack! Quickly scrambling half of our warriors we teleported home to defend our stronghold. It was at that moment we were very confused to find half of ducks 3sparking a permanently occulted crystal with the other half wondering where hangover was.

Much chaos ensued and it was then that one of our scouts realised our maps were off and we quickly switched to the good old M button.  Having found our way and preparing to move out one of our clumsy clerics tripped over a catapult and had to be sent to a hospital for treatment. This poor soul's sacrifice however showed us the powerfull catapults! Realising the purpose of these mighty war machines we jumped back on our chocobos and set out to defeat the hangover hordes once and for all.

But, alas, it was not meant to be.  About halfway lane B a veno accidentally fell off her flying blade, landing into a catapult, causing it to fire and shoot one of our catabarbs out of the sky. The confused cat fell in a group of chocobos, roaring loudly. The poor birds paniced and ran off in all directions.  It was in this moment that  our great leader GoodGuyBarb figured he should testfire a catapult, as we weren't going anywhere soon anyway. He sent his servants to load a rock onto the catapult, stood in front of it to get a good look at the mechanism and fired. The rock flew off at high speed, making a very loud woosh sound before hitting our great leader in the face. Because of this tragic event our great leader was KOed for the rest of the war and we had to continue with just 3 catapults.

After the loss of the leader and the chaos we decided it was best to return to base, have a few breadcrumbs before regrouping for another assault. All fresh & fed we polished our triplesparks and doublechecked our occult ice before heading out for our third attempt at wiping out hangover.

Things went well. The battle quacks were loud, the chocobos fast and within moments we found ourselves in front of the enemy gate looking at a confused swarm of archers with their heads stuck in the invsible ceiling of the map. The confused archers noticed us and started firing arrows. Their epic precision shots blew the tires on two of our catapults.  Stuck in the sandy road of the B lane we now had only 1 catapult left.  With a loud quack  we ran trough the barrage and hid under the gate. Once the enemy archers had run out of arrows we continued on our quest, setting up our last siege weapon. Confused about it's function, unable to find it's 3spark button our attack suffered another slight delay however we finally managed to make it work.

Yellow chocobos everywhere, hangover ea's flapping helplessly at the skylimit, an ominous purple glow from the occult ice on the crystal and many 3spark's casting a bright glow on the rocks flying trough the sky.

It was glorious.

And that is how 80 ducks took almost 2 hours to beat 24 hangovers.

*Numbers by hangover count. May or may not contain reality.

For those who want to see the actual TW, there are two videos on the forums.
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Feo, you're simply awesome. xD And lol, 80 Ducks. I don't think we've ever had so many online at once, but sure.  ^-^

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LOOOOL Feo "GGB KOed by a wrong fire"  <- loved that.

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I haven't laughed soo much in a long time, great story  :))

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Oh My God. Feo, this is awesome, i loved to read this and the part with the stone flying into GGBs face made me laugh most. xDD

Ducks for ever <3

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@aelana was a funny post i enjoyed it. also i want some of whatever it was you were smoking.
 :normal-2:  :normal-25:
@ zethe  spy lol  :normal-35:
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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@aelana was a funny post i enjoyed it. also i want some of whatever it was you were smoking.
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@ zethe  spy lol  :normal-35:

Lots and lots of coffee. 

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Great story Feo, made my day for sure :)  And about that rock, you know what they say... what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger !  >:D
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keep the topics into proper manners.

Thanks and nice story lol


Made me quack with laughter!! awesome, thank you

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I read this in the dark and it was pretty scary D: Thank god it had a happy ending!
Awesome feo xD

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Awesome story, so funny!

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cute editing.
I'm not even going to post anymore factual statements.
people want attention and public recognition, not reality.
Go ahead edit this.
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OMFG Feo lmaooo u so made me spet out mah coffee almost all over screen HAHAHAHA
And sooooooooooooooo frigging sad I missed to c 80 duckies online o.O


@ Hoopsie - Love your Forum Avatar