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Faction base items?

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I forgot which items you need to make a faction base if someone could tell me the items and over all price I'd Appreciate it :) and also I looked everywhere for a guide so don't qq cx
MERCER- 150 R8 Sage Psy
Vergel- 150 R8 Demon Mystic
Helller- 150 R8 Demon Wiz
Xehli- 150 R8 Demon Archer
AceVno- 150 R8 Demon Veno
Clressill- 150 Demon Assassin
Astrotic- 150 Cleric
And Counting.

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There's a guide in guides...

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20 Ten Million Big Notes
500 Epic Coins
500 Warsong Emblems
2000 Ultimate Substances

The NPC actually tells you what you need :rolleyes:

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if you talk to the Faction Base Manager, she will tell you everything you need ;)