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I know most of you, just by reading the subject/title, whatever you wish to call it, are already thinking I'm gonna be here "QQing" about random stuff, though, this is serious, the fact that Agatio refused to give me and some other people (such as Talented and Raslotka) a r8 refund due to his server's errors and issues. Anyways, problem is I got, not more than one hour ago triple channeling on my r8 pants (I'm a wizard) and I did not only have many Screenshots and 'witnesses' as there are the logs which Agatio could check if he was really willing to help. Though he has yet made it clear on skype (somewhere before the part he rage deleted me at, cause apparently he doesn't like when someone points out the stuff he does wrong) triple channeling on a wizard isn't to be kept unless they pay him for so to happen, which is a shame and one of the many reasons why PWVendetta n some other servers are catching up on the votes. Not only that of course, but also the fact that he talked to me in an ordinary and rude way, on which I also got a 'witness'. All I wanted is for you guys to know what it's all really about and if you're expecting any kind of help from Agatio, expect Coffee to like and approve you first. My accounts will be given away (if they weren't banned by the timing you're reading this). So if you're my friend or whatever just delete me from your FL (Glamorazzi/Pisicat) or of course, if you wish, be friends with the person I'm giving the account to. Was really fun and enjoyable spending all the time we've spent playing together

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Just to let you know, player Pisicat was trying to persuade to me that she crafted 3x -3ct pants that were lost in unknown circumstances. After I checked the logs I found a obvious proof that it all was made up by her and refused to provide any support.
And now I see that I apparently wanted money for it. I can provide screenshots from whole convo that it is another lie. Good try. You will not be missed.  :normal-1: :normal-36:

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Random saying my name in thread. Nice.


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