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Guild Icon Guide

Guild Icons can be requested by using the In-game Guild Icon window. When requesting a guild icon, you provide an image file that will be converted and set as the icon of your guild.

Requesting an Icon

1. Open the "EPW Hub" window and select "Guild Icon". The following window will open.

2. Select "Open File" and navigate to the file that you would like to set as your icon.

3. If you want to preview the way the icon will look in-game, check the "Preview" box.

4. If you're satisfied with the way your icon looks, press "Confirm". This will change your guild icon. All of the faction members will be notified.

Requirements and rules:
* Any faction can change their guild icon.
* There's a cooldown of 1 hour on each guild icon change.
* Only faction leader can change the icon.
* File size must be less than 8kb. Supported file formats are .BMP, .JPG and .PNG.
* Icons must not include obscene images, nudity or any otherwise offensive imagery. They must not mock other guilds or players. Those who violate this rule are subject to lengthy bans.

Q: My icon file has more than 8Kb. What can I do?
A: You can resize the icon using Paint or some other image editor. There are even image editors which will do this online. The in-game icon size is 20x20, so resizing to this size will be ideal.

Q: I want my guild icon to have a transparent background.
A: You'll have to edit the image yourself to make the background transparent. There are some great guides on Google on how to do that.

Q: When clicking "Confirm", there's an error saying that the request is in cooldown, but I didn't request any icons recently.
A: There's a 5 second cooldown between the preview and confirming the icon. Try again in 5 seconds.

Q: There's a file error when trying to preview or confirm my guild icon.
A: Make a post on helpdesk and send us a link to the image and your faction's name.

Q: I confirmed the guild icon but nothing happened.
A: Make a post on helpdesk and send us a link to the image and your faction's name.
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