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~Guide Content~

~ Why get a Faction Base?;
~ How to Start your Faction Base;
~ How to Enter into your Faction Base;
~ How to obtain the items needed to Open your Faction Base;
~ How to get points for your Faction Base;
~ How to level up your Faction Base;

So lets start ;)

The main reason of having a Faction Base is to have a more active guild in the game. There are several things to do inside a Faction Base, such as getting rare buffs available only for the faction members. There is also a quest that allows the whole guild to participate and interact, the Trials of Defense, although for the time being the mats adquired in this quest are of no use, we hope to use them on something in the near future.

First of all you need to open your Faction Base by making a Faction Base Contract. For this the Faction Leader needs to do 2 things;

1. Head to Faction Base Manager NPC, found at the following coordinates:
~ 440 869 Etherblade City;
~ 247 649 Lost City;
~ 337 430 Plume City;
~ 573 660 South Archosaur;
~ 658 373 Dreamweaver Port;
~ 657 133 City of the Raging Tides;

2. Donate a certain amount of a specific item, as follows:
500 Epic Coins;
20 Ten Million Big Note;
2.000 Ultimate Substance;
500 Warsong Emblems;

After your Faction Leader opens the Faction Base you will be able to teleport inside of it buy using the NPC mentioned above, Faction Base Manager. Talk to him/her and select the option "Enter Base".

Once inside you will need to talk to another NPC, "Faction Sentinel". This is like an NPC to make sure you are from the *Faction*.

Now you are inside your Faction Base. There are some things you can do here, i advice you to explore it ;) its an amazing place to wonder around.
But lets go down to business. Lets start off from where you land inside your Faction Base, the Hall of Loyalty (Central Platform). Here you can find a Monolith that allows you to take 2 quests everyday. This is the Faction Monolith I

The quests are always the same, as shown below:

Sanedge Basilisk I - Kill 15 Sanedge Basilisk
C. Sludgestalkers I - Collect 5 Sand Crystal Edge from Sludgestalkers

After completing this 2 quests you will receive Guild Material Ticket.
This item will automaticly disappear and give u a item (this is an item that is character bind, meaning that you will always receive the same item everytime you make this quests depending on your character race). As it follows:
Ethersteel Pack
Lost Sand Pack;
Plume Puff Pack;
Raging Flask Pack;
Tellus Wood Pack;

Another quest available in your Faction Base is at the NPC "Faction Manager". You can select this quest by choosing "Quest Related" from this NPC, he will then propose you a trade, as it follows:

Mirage Celestone x1
Epic Coin x2


Guild Material Ticket.
This item will automaticly disappear and give u a item (this is an item that is character bind, meaning that you will always receive the same item everytime you make this quests depending on your character race). As it follows:
Ethersteel Minor Pack;
Lost Sand Minor Pack;
Plume Puff Minor Pack;
Raging Flask Minor Pack;
Tellus Wood Minor Pack;

The diferences between the normal Pack and the Minor Pack is the number of items u get to donate into your Faction Base. It is as it follows:
Ethersteel Pack;
Contains Ethersteel x80
Lost Sand Pack;
Contains Lost Sand x80
Plume Puff Pack;
Contains Plume Puff x80
Raging Flask Pack;
Contains Raging Flask x80
Tellus Wood Pack;
Contains Tellus Wood x80
Ethersteel Minor Pack;
Contains Ethersteel x40
Lost Sand Minor Pack;
Contains Lost Sand x40
Plume Puff Minor Pack;
Contains Plume Puff x40
Raging Flask Minor Pack;
Contains Raging Flask x40
Tellus Wood Minor Pack;
Contains Tellus Wood x40

You will also receive points for completing this 3 quests. Points are earned as shown below:
~ Sanedge Basilisk I - Kill 15 Sanedge Basilisk ~ You receive 100Points;
~ C. Sludgestalkers I - Collect 5 Sand Crystal Edge from Sludgestalkers ~ You receive 100Points;
~ Quest from "Faction Manager" ~ You receive 10Points;

Total of 210 Points.
This points are called Merit Points and can be stacked, also can be checked by clicking on G.

Now lets go back to Faction Monolith I. There is one more quest available here as you can see the ScreenShot below

Faction Exam Room. This is fairly easy, its a quiz game ;)
Thanks to this guide you will have all the Q&A ;)
So lets start with it
Faction Exam Questions and Answers:
Question 1 -
Answer - Gain enough Faction Contribution.

Question 1 - Which of the following is not a faction establishment?
Answer - River Gate.

Question 2 - Which is not in the Faction Base?
Answer - Copper - Sparrow Platform.

Question 3 - What is the maximum level for a Faction Level?
Answer - 30.

Question 3 - Which of the following is not a faction establishment?
Answer - Pixu Palace.

Question 4 - Which of the Following is not sold in the Heavenly Vault?
Answer - Wedding Tool.

Question 4 - Can anybody enter a Faction Base during non-Battle time?
Answer - .

Question 5 - Which of the Following is not sold in the Heavenly Vault?
Answer - Fine Orb.

Question 5 - How do you upgrade a Faction's Rank?
Answer - Gain enough Contribution.

Question 6 -Which item is not obtained from the Alchemy Labs?
Answer - Bless Box.

Question 6 - After a faction's rank has been upgraded, they can accumulate another type of point used to upgrade the faction's constellation map. What are these points called?
Answer - Constellation Points.

Question 7 - A faction based will be disbanded if the faction doesn't reach the required amount of which of the following?
Answer - Gain enough Health.

Question 7 - Which building can enhance base defense?
Answer - Hall of Loyalty.

Question 8 - At what rank can faction members obtain the special vitality +15 scroll?
Answer - 4 Stars.

Question 8 - How do you upgrade a Faction's Rank?
Answer - Constellation Points.

Question 8 - Constructing and Upgrading a Faction Base consumes which of the following?
Answer - Constellation Points.

Question 9 - At what level in the Alchemy Labs can a player buy a +30 Vit scroll?
Answer - 8 Stars.

Question 9 - Players can obtain Contribution points by doing which quest?
Answer - Faction quest.

Question 10 - Which Item is not obtained from the Alchemy Labs?
Answer - Limited Bag.

For completing this Q&A quiz, you will be awarded with 100Contribution Points.

~How to Level Up Faction Base~

First of all, only the Leader of the Faction can upgrade the Faction Base Level. Although, all the members are required for this process.
For this process, the Faction members need to do 2 things, in order to meet the requirements, as shown below:
~ Donate Materials;
5.000 of each Material is needed.

~ Donate Construction Points;
Construction Points are needed on each level:
Level 1 ~ Level 2 = 31.500
Level 2 ~ Level 3 = 42.000
Level 3 = (need to be checked and confirmed)

For Donations each member must head to "Faction Manager" and choose the desired option.

Donate Materials (the ones you received from the quests above):

Donate Construction Points (this are the points u earn from each quest, also named Merith Points, but by using them as Construction Points WILL NOT make you lose the Merit Points).

After meeting the parameters, the Leader will be able to Level Up the base (as stated above).
Having a higher Faction Base will increase the duration and effect off Faction Base Buffs.

To obtain this buffs you simply need to head inside your Faction Base, talk to the "Acori" NPC.

To get this buffs you need to meet some small requirements and pay a fee, nothing is for free, not even in your own Base (*giggles*)
~ Level 80;
~ 200 Merit Points;
~ 10.000 Coins;

Faction Base will also be harder to bring down on the Faction Base Wars (for the moment this option is not active so i wont be adding any info on this for the time being).

After all this, you are able to venture into other paths, lets go into the Northern Wing, Manor of Justice.
At this part of the Faction Base you are presented with another Monolith, "Training Obelisk II".

Here you can take 2 more quests:
To accept this 2 quests you will need an item called Feat Token.
~ Hot Stuff ~ Feat Token. x67
~ Fire Extinguish ~ Feat Token. x216
This items can be adquired on the same "Training Obelisk II" buy choosing the option "Justice Manor Sale". Although to buy this items you gonna need not only coins but Contribution/Merit points aswell. Check image below to have a more precise information.

So onto the quests per se, and details about them:
~ Hot Stuff:Monster to kill: Flame Puppet x1
Exp: 200.000
Spirit: 45.600
~ Fire Extinguish:
Monster to kill: Flame Puppet x15
Exp: 1.080.000
Spirit: 246.240

To get to this monsters you need to click on the Training Obelisk and use the Teleport, You will be sent to a room with some pets and NPC's around ;) select Teleporter - Chamber of Dusk, as shown below.

After being teleported to the Chamber of Dusk, you will have the monsters you need to kill at your disposal ;)

After killing the needed monsters, teleport back using the Guard. You will then be teleported back to the Northern Wing, Manor of Justice where you can deliver your quests.

This quests are able to repeat as long as you have the Contribution to buy the Feat Token.
This quests do NOT reward any kind of points to donate to your Faction Base, its merely 2 Experience/Spirit quests.

Now continuing the exploration ;) lets move onto the South Wing, Heavenly Vault, this is where you can purchase 2 items and accept a quest. Lets get into details, shall we ;)

By opening the Heavenly Vault I Sales, you will see the 2 tems available here for sale, as detailed below:
Breakthrough Charm Pack
This item can only be used by Wizzards and it contains Breakthrough Charm x20
Breakthrough Charm
Recovers Mana by 600 in 6 seconds once used; also dispels all negative status effects.

The 2nd item is:
Mixed Secret Scroll
Effect: Cast a LV10 Mixed Secret Scroll
Casts a magical healing spell onto nearby group members.

This items are to be used while doing the Trials with your guild members ;)

On this NPC you can accept a quest aswell which will give you 1:
Divine Order of the Shadow.
Find the Divine Emissary of the Shadow to fulfill your destiny.
The Divine Emissary of the Shadow can be found near General Summer in Archosaur.
Requisite Level: Lv51 to Lv80.

This item works the same way as the Divine Order of the Void, but only works for levels 51 to 80, so it doesnt work for us in EpicPW ;)

So lets visit the next area of this part of the Faction Base, East Wing, Armory. Here you can purchase diferent items, i think only Weapons but it depends on the Faction Level if im not wrong, need some more research on this one.

???Filial Sword (40+)
???Filial Wand(40+)
???Filial Daggers (40+)
???Filial Dual Axes (40+)
???Filial Soulsphere (40+)
???Filial Warbow (40+)
?Loyalty Sword (70+)
?Loyalty Wand (70+)
?Loyalty Daggers (70+)
?Loyalty Dual Axes (70+)
?Loyalty Soulsphere (70+)
?Loyalty Warbow (70+)

As you can observe, the levels of this weapons are not really high, which means the stats and damage are not really high aswell (for EpicPW). so this you can buy for the fun i guess ;)

*Guide continues on the next post due to reaching the max characters lenght*

*Guide might suffer changes in the future*

~Things to add~
~ Trials of Defense Guide;
~ Faction Base Wars Guide;

~ Questions and Answers need to be checked and confirmed; (some are wrong sorry for that, im checking them everyday with the ones i get).

*Due to work i had to stop for today sorry :/ will be updating everyday*
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Alright, lets head to the last area of this part of the Faction Base, Western Wing, Alchemy Labs. Here there is only one thing to do, get buffs ;)

As stated above, at this NPC, Aura Stone I, and  as the name suggests, this is a buffs Monolith, buffs described below.

Loyalty Scroll of Will
Loyalty Scroll of Spririt
Loyalty Scroll of Poise
Loyalty Scroll of Protection
Loyalty Scroll of Endurance
Loyalty Scroll of Wisdom
Abyssal Scroll of Blood
Abyssal Scroll of Haste
Abyssal Scroll of Precision
Radiant Scroll of Will
Radiant Scroll of Spirit
Radiant Scroll of Poise
Radiant Scroll of Protection
Radiant Scroll of Endurance

+Critstrike Damage
+C.strike Rate (Major)
Reduce Channel (Major)
+Max HP (Major)
+Phys. Defense (Major)
+Mag. Defense (Major)
+Phys. Attack (Major)
+Mag. Attack (Major)
+Accuracy (Major)
+Critical Rate (Minor)
Reduce Channel (Minor)
+Max HP (Minor)
+Phys. Defense (Minor)
+Mag. Defense (Minor)
+Phys. Attack (Minor)
+Mag. Attack (Minor)
+Accuracy (Minor)

There is no need to add a description to each and every buff, since the name says it all.
This Auras/Buffs from your Faction Base last for 1hour.

~Tips About Buffs~
The right way to get this buffs stacked without losing them is by buffing characters outside of the Faction Base with own characters buffs. Then head inside of your Faction Base and get all those buffs ;) If you get Faction Base buffs first and then buff outside with characters buffs, the Faction Base buff will be replaced and you lose the stacks. check an example below.

This is the icon of the Faction Base Physical Defense buff, as you may know its the same icon as the lv.11 Blademaster Physical Defense bonus buff.
So as explained above, while you have this Faction Base buff active and you buff yourself with a Blademaster lv.11 buff, your Faction Base buff will be replaced and disappear.
(Hope you guys understand this and it doesn't get too complicated).

~Special Notes~
Aura Stone buffs do NOT disappear uppon leaving the Faction Base.

~Faction Base~

At anytime inside you Faction Base you can check its detailed information by clicking on the Faction button, located at the top right corner, next to the clock and mini-map. See below for exact position.

After clicking the Faction icon you will be presented with a pop-up screen with all the information about your Faction Base. Check the image below.

As you can notice right away, a Faction Base have Health Points. Every day health drops a little, doing dailies brings health back up, if health drops to 0 you lose the base.
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Alrighty then...
After all the fun we had before lets get into something more dangerous and time consuming.
The Trials of Balance.

To enter this adventure all you need is to have a Faction Base (pretty obvious), and ofcourse time.
So lets head to the NPC for this challenge, Teleporter of Balance (also obvious? cmon...)

After talking to the NPC you will be sent to a new room, called Trial of Balance (yup, obviously). At this point you will get an automated quest, "Balance and Break". Roam around if u feel like "wow what a cool room", after exploraing go talk to the Teleporter Leaz (yup, looks like a twin of Teleporter of Balance huh). From this NPC you will be able to take 2 quest, specified below.

One of the quests is merely buffs, the same as mentioned above and found at the Central Platform of your Faction Base. The second quest is named, Reward of Balance, when you clear the Trials you can claim your reward. As reward you get the following items:

Warrior Seal
Warrior Seal
(For more information please click the desired item)

So after accepting the quest and receive some buffs, the real challenge begins. The main purpose and objecting at this point it so simply Balance the Numbers. Below you will find how to do this and how it all works. So onto that...
You will have 5 rooms for each element:


Each room have "X" monsters inside, your objective and quest is to balance this rooms till they all have 21 monsters inside of each of the rooms. As always there is a trick to this, you need to kill monsters from a room so the spawn in another room, confusing?
Lets explain it better and with images ;)
First of all, the teleporters available, as shown below:

Description: Earth Elemental.
Monster Detail: Bramble/Reflect; Curse (increase damage taken); Manaleak (mana drain debuff).
Tips: Very bad for Melee classes, but Blademaster should be fine since they can use Pike.

Description: Fire Elemental.
Monster Details: Silence.
Tips: Nothing special on this monster.

Description: Wood Elemental.
Monster Details: Sleep.
Tips: Nothing special on this monster.

Description: Water Elemental.
Monster Details: Decrease Attack Speed (by a lot, from 5.0 i went to 1.67); Impact (increase damage taken).
Tips: Well due to the attack speed reduction, melee's are not really suitable but its doable.

Description: Metal Element.
Monster Details: Frozen (unable to move).
Tips: Nothing special on this monster.

Lets take a look of a normal monster count so you can understand better.

As you can see the monsters are not 21, so how to make them 21 on all rooms u may ask, its simple, you kill from one room to make the monster go to the next room. For example, you see the image have 18 Metal Elemental so to increase the number of monsters in this room you need to kill monsters from the previous room, in this case, Earth. You should get something like this (see image below):

See the monsters count from Metal and Earth has changed. This is how you can Balance this quest.
For an accurate monsters exchange check the scheme below.

After each room is Balanced, a boss will spawn in the center area, where u talked to Teleporter Leaz.
~Boss Detailed Information~
Name: Chaotic Ravager
Health Points: (yes, 1 billion HP)
Auto-Buffs: None
Debuffs: None
Stop and Interrups:
~ From to 400.000.000HP this boss will use an AOE "Frozen", making characters unable to move.
~ From 400.000.000HP to 200.000.000HP this boss will do nothing unless attack and Sleep everyone except the tanker.
~ From 200.000.000HP too 100.000.000HP this boss will  use an aoe Stun, making characters unable to do anything.
~ From 100.000.000HP till his death, this boss will do nothing.
Adamantine Whetstone
Platinum Ore Pack
Round Shield Medal

If you wonder how the boss looks like, take a look on the pic below ;)
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After you finish the Trial of Balance you will unlock the next stage which is the Trial of Defense

To start this new adventure all you and your faction members need to do is talk to the NPC Teleporter of Defense (kinda obvious but moving on).

After talking to the NPC you will be sent to a new room, called Trial of Defense.
In this room and before you start this Trial you are able to talk to
Teleporter Leaz.

This NPC will provide you buffs to help your Faction in this adventure.

After that you will have to talk to Elder Svakron, this NPC will give yo uthe quest to start this Trial.
This NPC will also allow you take a quest for a reward once you finish the Trial of Defense

This Trial of Defense is a junction of 4 rooms, we will have all the information regarding to each room separatly so you guys can understand it better.
The main objective of this Trial is to summon Idols (check below each room for more information on the Idols), to protect each room from the invasion that will take place 40minutes after you start the quest.

When your Faction have a total of 200 of each material head to the NPC of each room and summon the Idols. You wil need to deliver 2 stacks of 100 to be able to summon all the required Idols.
After this just wait for the timer to reach 0 and the waves of Monsters and Elite Monsters will start on itself.
Information regarding the wave monsters found below.

Your Faction's objective at this part of the Trial is to prevent the Elite monsters to reach the goal, which is the 4 fire circles located in the last room. See image below for a more clear idea.

Information about the Monsters, Elite Monsters and wave itself.

  • Wave 1 Details:
~ 30 Panzer Horror
  • Wave 2 Details:
~ 15 Panzer Horror
~ 10 Frostfang Brute
  • Wave 3 Details:
~ 15 Panzer Horror
~ 10 Frostfang Brute
~ 3 Wind Demon

After your faction successfully defend this waves you will have to face a final boss, information found below.

Wolfen Ironside
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