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The Custom Weapon Model Guide

Custom weapon models allow you to create a weapon model that will be added to the game and which you will be able to use on your weapons later. Custom models are requested on this board. You need to fill the required information, wait for the developer to review the information and the model, and for the game to be updated so your model will be included. Once the model is included in the game, the developer will reply to your topic and give you a 'model key'. This model key can later be used in-game to obtain the custom model which you requested. For full details, visit the Gear Design Guide.

Custom Models can be imported into the game live, or with a patch. If you want the custom model to be imported live, make sure that the total size of the files is less than 2MB (unpacked, not the size of the .rar. or .zip file that you're providing).

To request a new custom model, click on the 'New Topic' button in this board. You will be redirected to a form that requires you to fill in the required information. Once you click 'Save', a new topic will be opened, listing the details you entered. Once the model has been reviewed, you will be given a model key in a reply to this topic.

The information that you need to provide is the following:

  • Character name - this is the character that will be able to claim the model in game using the custom model key. You can use the new model on any character, but you need to enter the key from the character that you specified here.
  • Link to the model files -- a downloadable link containing the files of the new weapon model. Please use google drive or mediafire links in order to have your models properly checked by our automated tool.
  • Model Template -- type of the weapon that the model is meant to be attached to. Eg. Pataka, Glaive, Sword, Dual Axes etc. This will not lock your model to only that specific type of the weapon, but it will be locked to that weapon type's group (e.g. Pataka models can be applied to Glaive/Magic Sword/Pataka/Wand weapons)
  • Number of Hands -- one or two. If there's something in both hands of your character (e.g. a sword and a shield), the model is two-handed. If there's something only in one hand, the model is one-handed.
  • Show Rune Effects -- yes or no. If 'yes' is selected, rune effects will show around your weapon while you're wearing it in game.
  • Model preview -- A short video previewing the way the model looks in-game. This is not mandatory, but this way it's easier for me to verify whether I've made a mistake when importing your custom model files into the game.
  • Additional Information -- Any additional information that you might want to give.

** You can have a maximum of one unclaimed in-game model if you want to request more custom models. If you have requested custom models and they were approved and added in-game, but you haven't claimed multiple of them, you will not be able to request more custom models. This is done to prevent the players from spam-requesting custom models, but never obtaining them in-game.

Weapon model ownership rules & guidelines:

Weapon model buying & selling rules:

Weapon model rules & requirements:

Guidelines for designers:

Trail examples:

Testing whether the model causes FPS drops:

Weapon model video examples:
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Mada's Notes:

Old weapons will not be removed except for the ones that used models without permission and the ones that look partially or completely inappropriate. (this decision is final)Generally characters' bodies should be visible enough for other players can see the buffs/debuffs/castings/animations during PK
designers can use d_boundbox to see boundboxes
the main concern here is the character's body boundbox, Gfxs should NOT be blocking/covering the body visibility.

*examples on what is acceptable

*examples on what is NOT acceptable

Old/current weapons that cover/block body visibility will be removed (this decision is final)
if there is a player with a weapon gfx completely covering their body feel free to report them to inf or me.