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To bosbesje, our dear scammer


+1 It is both because Daga trusted this guy with his Cleric.Some words where mis-understood and he took the gears.I hate this guy,so im out of this topic from now on.Also I ask of you to tone it down or someone will lock this forum :)

As they already posted before, Daga admited that its his fault and its not boutgetting gea baxk, only think here the thread is about is bos' spreading lies about GGB and whole Ducks fac
but no worries Ducks  already went through all kinds of stuff and hate since the early begining, only thing now we can say to bos is thanks actually, showing that with our play we make some ppl butthurtand with that just showing us that we r on right way to be big fac. Cqnt make omlete without breaking an egg

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pretty much clarified after 4 pages of the same ;)