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Here i shall post my poems i have made quite some time ago. I hope you like them!

1: War
War is futile.
All it does is destroy lives.
Why do we have to be so brutal?
No one shall revive.

All our lives wasted
Only for a futile war.
All the people are now wounded
How our hearts shall restore?

To restore our hearts,
That is impossible
It is already in parts.
For peace to come we are so wishful.

Wishful for what you ask?
For peace to last forever.
No need to hold a mask,
You can cry whenever and wherever.

2: Love, Peace, Harmony
Love Peace and Harmony,
The 3 wishes
That makes us sing cheerfully
But in such big distances.

Makes us feel Love,
Love is already common,
But yet it's in the list above.
It will swing with Emotion.

Peace is our second wish,
A harder wish to achieve,
Hard it is to accomplish
With no one to deceive.

Harmony our last request,
We will try to accomplish,
So there is no time to be depressed
And we shall shine like a goldfish.

3: Cats (Requested by a friend xd )
Cats are kind,
Sweet and warm.
They have a strong mind,
And they won't transform.

Cats are caring,
Cats are cute,
They may be staring,
But they are mute.

Cats are fluffy,
They catch a mouses,
They don't hold any cruelty,
And they love blouses.

Cats love the outside,
They love the Nature.
Be sure to have them dried,
Because they are as sweet as sugar.

4. Love
I shall dedicate my love for you
Whether you will love it or not
You shall notice this is true
You will get the love I forgot.

You shall notice my love
One way or another
You shall know all of the above
And you shall not meet another.

The love of your life
Shall never hunt for more
I shall be your wife
And my love will not tore

My love shall be proven
One way or another
I don't have an option
Shall I become fiercer?

5: Wolves.
Wolves are warm,
Not to mention fluffy.
With a dog's form
And yet toughie.

Wolves are protective
Kind, yet mean.
Their love is affective
They can be like gelatine.

Wolves are kind,
They shine in the moonlight.
Of their beauty you'll get blind,
As they are active in the night

More will be added once i have more!  ;)
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Nice poems :normal-3:
thanks, i don't take much time to make them too xD
thanks, i don't take much time to make them too xD

Yw  I really like em  :normal-1: