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problem in trial 2 after the SoW patch


after the last wave of mobs i can't get boss to spawn, even the quest said it's complete but the boss didn't spawn and can't proceed to the next trial...pliz help...don't know what to do. :tiger-14:

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Did you build the totems in each room to protect the final portal from the elite mobs?  If 10 Elite mobs hit the portal even if it don't say fail the boss won't spawn.


no i did it before the patch with wizzie and seek and went afk earlier and it worked already like 5 times...
the boss always spawned and i always cleared...only 9 mobs crossed the portals that way

maybe the mobs are just stronger nvm i'll try to put 2nd seek there and see if i need to add some damage

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It should be fixed after this reboot