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So today there was a bit of drama in the WC (World Chat). I don't know in details what it was about, but someone raging or so, but this is what it was about, atleast a bit small bit of it.

and so on and on.. and asked what was going on and stuff, doesn't really matter.. 
what does matter is that Nina, her alt (I was told by Lilly that Lorna is Nina's non GM account) PM'ed me, cussing for no reason. Not at me, but at my family..

Now I don't care how good Agatio knows his GMs, but I do think that something should be done about this.
This is not the first time that Nina has gone of the leash.

So I ask you Agatio, for after reading this to consider to make some changes in your in-game staff.
Cause Nina ain't the only one that goes over the line, just cause she is a GM.
P.S. the first two pics are of the convo/drama that was going on WC before I got on WC.

~Volf / Psycho

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sad thing. perma ban is best choice <3

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Eh, I've never been too happy with the lack of professionalism that the GMs show here. I never really understood the point of trying to insult people, especially on a game. It just makes you look like a child begging for attention.

And maybe it's just my phone, but your text looks absurdly large. o.o