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To any GM, admin or whoever reading this... I wanted to ask if I could donate $25USD to the server and what the ratio of gold is I get is. Along with a possibility I can use some other method than paypal. Why I ask this is because due to a recent transaction, a buyer of mine wanted a refund for an item and I'm refusing it. I won't give details further but I'm in the red by $339.59 USD until the issue is resolved. So yeah..

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It's better to pm Agatio about this.

http://epicpw.com/profile/?u=1 is his profile just pm him. I can't guarantee a quick answer, but it will be a more accurate one lol.
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there is a panel with the ratio on the Donate page.


about other ways to donate, we atm only have paypal but we might start working on new ways after we settle from Sirens of War patch.
the problem with other methods of donating is the taxes that are involved, paypal do not use those so its easier to set but regarding to other methods, they all require a % to be payed to them aswell as a tax for the governament. the "how it works" for whos sending is totally diferent for the "ones who are receive" the money.
but we will be working on it ;)