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Welcome all new peeps/ non new peeps, this faction is called Jack'd-IN. We are a helpful and quick expanding faction. We are glad to have you and look forward to playing with you- Mr.SS

Some simple faction rules we have are...
(1.) Respect Members.
(2.) Don't pk Faction Members nor Allies. If they attack you, screenshot it and post it in the forums. We will take care of it. Do not engage (except stun).
(3.) Listen to the officers.
(4.) Have fun!!

Also if any of you guys have any opinions/events/stuff you want to do you can contact any officer and we will see what we can do

 Requirements of Officers:
-Help people in the faction
-Keep the drama calm if other officers (Marshal+) aren't on to take care of it
-Be active, friendly and informative

-Help people in the faction
-Keep drama out of the faction, talk to people in PMs if they get out of hand. If more drama arises, tell Seina or SinStrike.
-Be active, friendly and informative (need a good basis of info on the game)
-Arrange Events, PK-Squads

some extra things...:
- we are recruiting all levels 120+, and players must be active please!

 :tiger-1: :tiger-1: :tiger-4: :tiger-2: :tiger-3: :tiger-4: :tiger-40: :tiger-25: :tiger-15:

for information/invites, pm any of these officers:
SinStrike -(leader)
Seina     - (director)
LunaStrike -(Exec.)
Panda_monium -(N/A)
Drelina -(Marshal)

i recently left the faction, but i hope people still join the guild :D
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I have seen some of your members around ....was wondering when we gonna see you promoting your faction here on the forums

I wish you all the best with your faction ....and may it grow into everything you envisage for it