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GMs so hard on Pinoys? Fix your attitude!

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One sided as always  :sad:


This thread is a potential for flaming , name calling, bullying ...everything thats negative.  Maybe you can discuss in messages on the forum to the GM's involved..

I think this thread should be locked ..........and its NOT that I am not sympathizing or not have empathy ....

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GM in EPW has a favoritism.........
Banning for Random reason

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you dont read the rules i will show you.

Contact with staff members

6.   No arguing with a GM for any reason in any chat. If you have a problem send a private message in game or on the forum to Agatio.
       Breaking this rule will result in the following:

1st. If the player in question is disturbing the server to complain about a Game Master action, the player will be warned to stop the comments thus leading into problems.
2nd. If the player continues to disturb the server such as with comments on world chat, they will be muted for 2 hours.
3rd. If the conversation between the Game Master in question and the player in question doesn't reach a stable decision, there will be a meeting between the GM's to discuss how to punish the player.

6.1.  Disrespecting staff members will result in the following:

1st. Players main character will be banned for one day.
2nd. Player will be banned for 3 days if continues.
* In case of serious and vulgar insults, Game Master can punish the player however he/she feels to, up to permanent ban of the player's account.

6.2. No accusing GM's of favouritism towards players or guilds in any chat or on the forums. Any of these issues should be emailed directly to Agatio.
          Breaking this rule will result in the following:

1. One day ban of the player.
2. One week ban of the player.
3. If after the second offense the player continues, a conference between the GM's will occur and further discussion of punishment will be continued.

6.3.  Providing any information about GM's alts or accusing someone of being a GM alt is forbidden. This includes insinuating, hinting at or speaking of GM alts(current or retired) in any previous or current faction.
         Breaking this rule will result in the following:

1. 3 day ban of the player.
2. 7 day ban of the player.

Forum Rules

1.   Follow the rules of the generally accepted Netiquette.

2.   DO NOT question a staff members action at anytime whatsoever no matter how much you feel they are wrong. If you have problems with a staff member DO NOT post it on the forums or complain about it in world chat or normal chat. If you cannot settle the matter in whisper to said GM then send ALL COMPLAINTS against the Staff Member to the admin, Agatio.
      Breaking this rule will result on the following:

1st. Player will be warned.
2nd. If player doesn't follow the rules, immediate action will be taken. This action results in forum account ban.
3rd. If the player is still roaming on forum with a different account and looking for more problems, immediate actions will be taken. This actions will result on an IP ban from the Forum and Game.