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 In the new patch, patch 63 will be added new gears? or just small changes?
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Pretty sure whatever update is coming up next, will be Sirens of War. I'm not sure about any new gear in PWI, But probably not in EPW. Lots of things are coming with Sirens of War, it will make this server a lot more interesting.

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Unless Aga has to fix some bugs or whatever.. The next IMPORTANT patch will be SoW most definately. Pretty sure he gave a hint of that here >.> http://epicpw.com/announcements/patch-v62/
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Offline Uriel

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Dident nv 3rd recast and rank9 recast and all that crap come whit SoW? and warsong was easier to get aswell as far I know.

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Think 3rd Cast was before SoW, anyway doubt we will see either here.

PS: Where are the spoilers/teasers, Aga give us something  :-\