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I was making a joke with my best friend about how this girl in our class is possibly bi ..so i decided to write a love letter to her(i wrote about how madly in love with her i was ..and how she never noticed me) and ask her out(to mess with her) and then i asked someone to pass it to her and they decided to read it and it basically got passed around the class and everyone started giving me weird looks and then the teacher took it from a student and read it...tore it up and asked to speak to me in the hallway.
Wew. That is really embarasssing. My teacher would only laugh at this. But i have situations like this everyday, my friends are heartless, probably they're not humans.

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cought im middle of action with my ex on same beach 2 days in a row by same people.
cought in train toillete with my other ex  :-[
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