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Clarification or Amend rule#2

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Game and Forum Rules
« on: 16.11.2011, 11:32:19 am »
Game Rules:

1. You can speak in World Chat only in English.
2. No spamming, vulgar words or offending anyone in any chat (the rule applies to player and guild names too).
3. No fighting with a GM for any reason in any chat. If you have a problem send them a Private message in game or forum.
4. Impersonation of a GM at any time will result in immediate ban.
5. No wall, jump, fly, game hacking or botting at all or it will result in immediate ban when detected.
6. Multi-clienting is forbidden on events and Territorial Wars (But is allowed everywhere else, including Archosaur Assault).
To clear up: you may not be in event area with 2 or more chars or you will be banned!
7. Modifying client in anyway to gain or not gain an advantage is forbidden. Using so called "glitches" is allowed.
8. No advertising any other servers on game chat.
9. No fake TW bids.

Please, take notice to rule#2, now lets get down to what needs clarification or an amendment to rule#2.

I came on last night, and regular chat was rampant with vulgar words and rude comments with two GM’s very much alive, as I whispered to one of them, asking why if the rules it clearly states no cussing in ANY chat, why was nothing being done about it. The response was due to a filter change it only pertained to World Chat now. I have screen shots of the whole conversation as well as both GM’s in the shots, and will send in ONLY if requested. Agatio, please publically announce what the new rule will be if applicable or will it remain as it has since day 1. If there is a change, please amend your rules and most importantly instruct your GM’s to stray away from favoritism that is so rampant now days on Epic. Rules are rules, it doesn’t matter who you know or how brown your nose is it does not , nor should it exempt anyone from being made to follow the rules set down by YOU Agatio.
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Just to add to that cut out faction chat? Alot of fac members have been having fun without the filter.
Removing the vulgar words section would work. All we need really with no chat filter is a rule saying No purposeful offence towards other players in chat? or just something saying that you purposely offend someone and dont stop you get banned.
Otherwise people being immature with it should aloud to be if it isnt hurting anyone :)
Ofcourse in world chat is bound to offend someone so yea...
Im exhausted and about to sleep so sorry if this is incoherrant!
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you know there is a filter for a reason but then again immature people would just bypass the filters, although you could add an amendment saying "Any attempt to bypass the filter is a bannable offense". Simple as that.

Someone said you took the filter off so people names wouldnt *** out well guess what, you must not know your own rules cause you say not to use offensive words as names, im going to use the famous one...Phucked....that name right there is why the filter is off because pwi blocked it and someone cried to Thanatos and he had agatio change it. Yet in the rules it says not to use names like that....wtf am I gonna have to write out another explicit set of rules again so stupid people don't try to go around them anymore???
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Here is the proper phonetic explanation of using *PH*:

Ph in English often makes a /f/ sound, but there are exceptions. Whenever it starts a word, /ph/ makes a /f/ sound. However, when it's in the middle of the word, all bets are off. In words like "siphon", it makes an /f/ sound, but in words like "peephole", it makes a separated /p/ and /h/ sound.

I think with stating that we all know what phucked is really saying. That is a blatant way of bypassing the rules and filter when it was in place. This is commonly done in names, pets names, guild names and chat. Does it surprise me that above mentioned GM may have been the one who rallied for the change, NO it doesn't as he is one of the largest rule breakers when it comes to his GM vs non GM character.

Let me go a step further on another topic, last night during the bunny event I had to shut the game off as I was seriously about to throw up from both GM's pride on the events they held, as well as one of them was acting as GM on their non GM toon, while their GM toon was on as well. Quite honestly I took a break from Epic, as the stench and drama was getting way out of control. End result was my game time, which is limited was being affected in a negative light, so I chose rather than submit myself to such rediculousness I would take a break. I am quite sure I am not the only person still actually coming on Epic now days that don't see and feel something needs to be done. I know many others as well as myself have stated this, *If you GM you DO NOT play the game plain and simple*. If a player chooses to wear the GM title, then they have chosen to GIVE UP the right to play the game as a common folk. This way there is a more clear cut picture of GM vs Player, and the players will have more respect for the GM's as well as following rules better.
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When Soldiers have been baptized in the fire of a
battlefield they all have one rank in my eyes.

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Agree with dark but someone doesn't have to curse someone out to offend them. But only when someone curses someone out do GMs seem to do anything.

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I have amended my original set of rules to include new in game rules and new GM rule sets to try and avoid alot of old and new drama that will be coming.

These are a general set of rules to serve as a guideline showing how concise rules must be in order to avoid the “It is not in the rules so we didn’t do anything wrong” issue.

Disclaimer: These are not official rules so do not bash me I’m only trying to make the world a more peaceful place by helping the staff set some boundaries that are becoming EXTREMELY disruptive to the players who love this game and don’t mind following a common sense approach to gaming.
If you feel I am in the wrong please keep your opinions to yourself this is a post to the staff meant for the staff only.

Amended In-Game Rules:

1. English in World Chat only no exceptions will be made, if you need a translator use Google Translate.
2. No spamming in world chat, normal chat or trade chat
3. No using vulgar words (aka profanity, cussing, derogatory slurs, racial slurs) in any chat(including but not limited to World Chat, Normal Chat, whisper, trade chat).
3. Try not to offend anyone in any chat (refer to rule 3 for offensive chat examples, the rule applies to player and guild names too). There may not be a filter but that DOES NOT mean you can abuse it.
4. No fighting with a GM for any reason in any chat. If you have problems send them a Private message in game or forum.

5. Impersonation of a GM at any time will result in immediate ban. Impersonation of a normal player is bannable but you will be given 1 warning after that if you continue you will be banned.

6. No wall, jump, fly, game hacking or botting at all or it will result in immediate ban when detected.

7. Multi-clienting is forbidden in events and during Territory Wars (But is allowed everywhere else, including Archosaur Assault). To clear up: you may not be in event area with 2 or more chars or you will be banned!

8. Modifying client in any way to gain an advantage is forbidden. If you find a glitch make sure to report it to a gm for further inspection to make sure you are not cheating, it is always wise to be safe rather than think it is ok and be banned.

9. No advertising any other servers on game chat under no circumstances, no exceptions will be made.

10. No fake TW bids.

I am writing these in hope that Agatio will go over them and start enforcing these rules on the GM’s because from what I’ve seen the past few days I strongly believe they need a new set of rules to govern them. If players have strict rules so should GM’s and if GM’s expect players to respect them then they should act professional accordingly.

NEW!  GM Rules:
GM Rules and Guidelines
1. No helping players power level not even other gm chars.
2. No spreading other GMs identities or your own gm identity to players, including personal/non-gm character info. This means do not go to your friends and say OMG I got GM, his name is GM Pluto or say in Skype Gm Sarah’s non-gm toon is Athelae in game or GM Sarah’s real life name is Courtney. Keep this private to avoid favoritism while on your gm character and also to avoid being bothered while you’re on your non-gm character. No Exceptions will be made to this rule, if it comes to my attention that you have broken these rules you will be immediately fired.
3. No spreading GM Chat discussions, unless it is the game info players have asked for.
4. No power abusing - no banning or muting without proof (either video or screenshot) of players breaking rules. No spawning events “accidently” for your non-gm toons guildie’s  and if you do spawn things accidently DO NOT call for players to come pick up the drops.
5. Only Epic PW related info/questions are allowed in GM Chat (a group on Skype). (No spam/off topic talk)
7. Be a role model. Follow Server Rules at all times.
8. Report log in and off in server on GM chat
9. Report all GM activity (mutes, bans, events and etc.) and players queries related to the server at GM chat.
10. Any GM work/activities must be in the GM log (example included at bottom of post), and sent to Agatio at end of the week (Sunday night.)
11. No submission of Weekly GM logs for 2 weeks without valid reason will be fired from GM Team.
12. Report all chat box ban and queries on GM chat.
13. Report all in game bugs and glitches.
14. You are not allowed to ask for powerful items from Admins.


- GM Sarah has logged on/off (write this when u log in/off game)

- 34520 GarytheElf was asking if the Phoenix Valley is bugged because the monsters keep going away when he dies, leaves and comes back. I told him it’s a known issue and it is being worked on.

- Held event Boss Bunnies – prize was the drops from the bunnies

- Held event Hide n Seek – I gave the winner of each round 1 uncanny and I held a bonus round with the prize as 5 uncannies.

16. All rewards should not exceed _______ (admin sets parameters on event rewards), only as an Event Reward. It is forbidden to "just give"
17. For rewards bigger than ______ (admin approved reward here) ask an admin for approval.
18. It is forbidden to GIVE ANY ITEMS TO PLAYERS.
20. DO NOT try to enforce rules on you non-gm character, if it comes to my attention that you have your gm position will be forfeit and your life as a gm will end. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. If you see players acting up, silently get off your non-gm character and get on your gm character and resolve the situation.

Anyone who break’s ANY one rule will be fired from the GM team without warning!

Guides for support GMs:
1. Support GMs stay in Safe Zones only.
2. Support GMs task is to help players, by answering their questions (Related to EPW).
3. Always ask for admin or Lead GM’s Approval before holding an event.
4. Support GMs can hold mini events - such as question event, hide and seek, PvP event etc.
5. Rewards for mini events cannot exceed _______(mini-event rewards set by admin here) in value of gold or items.
6. Ask/report on GM chat about anything that you're not sure about (EPW related questions only).

    GM Work: Be active in Forum, Chat box and in game. For Both Full and Support GM:
1. Make Guides
a. Do game related support
b. Keep Forum and in game chat clean as per the forum/in-game rules.
c. Answers in-game questions on your gm character not on you non-gm alt.

2. Chat box Work: For Full and Support GM.
a. Do game related support
b. Keep chat box clean as per forum and in-game rules
c. Answer in game questions.

3. In game Work: For Support GM.
a. Do game related support
b. Do mini events.
c. Maintain clean and non - offensive chat (according to in-game/forum rules) in server.
d. Test / Checks for bugs or glitches.
e. Report botters, hackers, and scammers at GM chat.

4. For Full GM:
a. Do game related support
b. Monitor and ban botters, hackers and scammers.
c. Do events.
d. Maintain clean and non - offensive chat (according to in-game/forum rules) in server.
e. Test / Checks for bugs or glitches.

*Admin and Head GM reserve the right to add or correct rules and guidelines at anytime*                     

Example of GM Log:

GM Sarah Log           Date: xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx

Main Account Name: Sarah                  Total hours this week: 7

~ Sunday ~

[9:20:46 AM] Courtney: GM Sarah voted
[9:21:02 AM] Courtney: GM Sarah online
[10:12:05 AM] Courtney: GM Sarah offline (client crash)
[10:13:09 AM] Courtney: Gm Sarah back online
[11:09:01 AM] Courtney: Held event Hide n Seek, reward 1 uncanny per round
[1:38:42 PM] Courtney: 57457 Player Bob asked if epic coins from Phoenix Valley instance were going to be raised. I told him it is not in the best interest of the server to raise the amount dropped from the boss and instructed him on other ways to get EC.
[4:13:42 PM] Courtney: GM Sarah offline

~ Monday~

~ Tuesday ~

~ Wednesday ~

~ Thursday ~

~ Friday ~

~ Saturday ~

~ Sunday ~

I really hope you look over these and really decide on using these as they are pretty clear on how players/gm's should act while representing Epic Perfect World.
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I think the filter should've been left in personally. One of my toon's faction leaders allows his 10 year old son to play. And there are others who allow there children to play. 

Also, when a particular GM is seen using vulgar language in Normal Chat in front of the boss it says a lot.  :-X