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PvP matches qualifications


Hi i would like to suggest qualificating in 1v1 fight events since many top players are being merged into fights with lower players and it is just too much effort to set a decent fight that has to be streamed and looses it's point.
Imagine like in formula 1 there are pilots that are worse and after they get bad time they are send back to fight with worse pilots and make it more fun to watch and balanced.
So that is my point, let the worse players play with worse, and the better ones play with better ones, and the top ones play with top ones.
And again imagine if there wans't qualification in F1 ...there would be too many of crashes imho.
And too many of serious injuries cause the worse pilot don't know to dodge with their monoposts so dang well like the better top one like Michael Schumacher, ty for you patience...
It's just a suggestion, no hard feelings pliz, proove me wrong if u can, thanks in forward,
sincere thanks.

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we don't really separate good players frmo bad.
if someone registers is cuz they thinkthey are good right ? i dont think people ever think "im bad"...
if theres a winner a loser in every match it only means that the person who lost will need to train harder for next time.
we already check gears of the ppl who register thats why sometimes it takes a lot of time to pick the fighters.

about the comparison with F1 thats impossible to compare here since its the engines companies that rule the F1 per se and not the drivers.

and also dont mention Shumacher or wateva his name...after laughing when airton senna died he lost all the credibility for me  :-\
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I suck at pvp so meh, not sure if should even post..but..

How would one rate the players? Technically, everyone would probably lose against a gm's ban wand or etc. But many would win against an ungeared player, or a low leveled one. It's personal opinion, and saying that there are worse players, better players, or top players, is a matter of opinion and comparison.
Against a gm, top player would prolly lose.
Against a low level, a high level would probably win.
Against a player with very good gear, etc, a moderately geared player could lose.
If one person believes themselves to be a better player than someone else, who is a random, other person to say whether he is or not? He could be nicer than the other, stronger, etc...
It would be incredibly hard to determine who exactly are "worse players", since everybody would have their own opinions ( :rolleyes: pretty sure there is a bit of hate at times too. or more than a bit).
Everybody who enters such tournaments would think that they were good at it, or decent, etc.
If you needed to be super good at pvp by donating all your time to it, not everybody here would actually have time for that-and just to enter one of those tournaments.
I just saying here, but I say no. D':


gear=gear (doesn't matter if dragon or r8 everyone has chance to get r8)
skill ? we will see if they qualify and at least it will be more accurate even if not much.
but again it is just a suggestion for future.

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I wanna join, when is it?


8 pm trololol time
jk... good question i dk...i have no idea with the schedules tbh... when they announce 1v1 a system message will arrive...
you just have to pay attention to wc

hell yeah post number 69
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