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 8) for all my old buddies here is a picture of the baby....still not coming back to play just yet but soon maybe
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It's so beautiful, I wish you all the best  :)

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Grats again man, thats a very cute baby, we miss you men. come back soon <3


It is so precious ...beautiful little baby, congratulations!!

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gratz fren, come back ingame when u get time to play,in every other case good luck with raising ur family!


Atari bby you're deeply missed, EPW main priority come back.

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How precious! Congratulations.  ^-^

You don't want to exasperate GN Sleep  :pig-11: :pig-37:

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Awe adorable!

I love babies, I just don't want one

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That's a cute baby!
Come back soon man. We missed You

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Thats a beautiful little girl you have there  :monkey-4:
I guess everyone was on my profile :$ 


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HOLY SHIT ITS ATARI, that's one cute baby, nice work man.
#Retired #BusyWithThatDadLyf

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She's gorgeous. Come back soon. <:


Awww such a cute baby! Congratulations. :)