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Thousand Stream Rancor Invasion

Offline Kathie

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I want to point out that GMs very, VERY often host events in middle of rancor invasion. There are a lot of people wanting to do the invasion and can't make it or the event because GMs make it like that really really often. Also whenever you guys do a server reboot it is also in middle of 1k rancor invasion. You should really work on that a little better.

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we have a total of 15+ rancors
each with 1hours interval
they always last 30min
when can we host events? o.O
ppl can choose obviously, thats why they are there, although GM events arent timed like rancors are and GM events r never the same on the same time.

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Rancor is an automated event. It's done on the same time, every day and they happen pretty often.

Try checking here, http://epicpw.com/guides/rancors-and-weekly-events/, to find out when the invasions are.

Offline Hec

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Well u can chose which event u will go...its not like sombody forcing u to miss Rancor event...also like they say its almost every hour...so if u miss one its not end of the world

Offline Kathie

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I do know which rancor events there are and when they are on. But thousand stream is the only one worth doing if ur not in for leveling. And gms host events VERY VERY often during it... And its just thousand stream.. Haven't seen it hosted during any other rancor... Or the server reboot.. I think that i was there when server rebooted at least 5 times during 1k rancor.

Yes people get to choose between events but they shouldnt be forced to choose. Any gm can wait 15 min and host an event after it, but they don't want to. I don't think it's ok to always host events and reboot during 1k rancor.


should be appreciated have rancors or even have events ijs o: