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Celesital Tiger Event

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Event Time
Every Monday at 21:00 Server Time

How to participate:
To participate in this event First Speak with the Keeper of the tigers. There is 1 in each major city.
  • Archasaur 527, 653
  • City of the Lost 247, 648
  • Etherblade 431 , 887
  • City of the Plume 329 , 426
  • City of Raging Tides 658 , 144
You must speak to the npc twice. Once you have the Celestial Tiger Directive You can either do 1 of 2 things in this event.

Information about the event:
Option 1:
Characters who lack offensive power, but own a mount, can still be competitive during the Tiger Event by choosing to participate in support quests instead.
During the event, the Elders of City of Raging Tides, City of the Plume, City of the Lost and Etherblade will each offer a quest to go visit the other Elders. These 4 quests can be stacked, and are repeatable for as long as the Tiger Event lasts.
Each quest awards 240 contribution points + 1 Tigertail Incense. Incense can be used for an additional 10 contribution points, or 2 Incense can be exchanged to get a buff at the Censers that appear for the event. Incense lasts only for 3 minutes, so it must be used quickly.
In addition, players may also choose to exchange Common Shards with each Elder to in order to gain additional contribution points. The player may choose to exchange 1, 2, or 3 Common Shards, with more Shards offering more contribution points but also requiring additional time to pass before completion. Once exchanged, the player simply waits for the timer to expire and then speaks to any Keeper of the Tigers in order to claim the reward. The quest is repeatable if completed with 1 or 2 Shards, but cannot be repeated if completed with 3 Shards.
City of Raging Tides = Common Topaz Shards
City of the Plume = Common Amethyst Shards
City of the Lost = Common Aquamarine Shards
Etherblade = Common Ruby Shards
Amount Time Reward
1 Shard 1 Minute 50 contribution + 1 Incense
2 Shards 3 Minutes 100 contribution + 1 Incense
3 Shards 5 Minutes 200 contribution + 1 Incense

Aswell as talking with the elder there are Tiger soul herbs which can be picked for 80 contribution each. in the major Cities.

Option 2:
The other way to do this event is to kill the Tiger Minions. This is a public quest so you will not be going alone.
In order to summon the bosses for stage 2 of the event 4999 of the Tiger minions need to be killed.

Alpha = 150 Contribution  http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/mob/28018
Bravo = 80 contribution  http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/mob/28017
Charlie = 30 Contribution  http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/mob/28016
Delta = 10 Contribution   http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/mob/28014

Phase 2: After the Tiger Minions have taken sufficient casualties, the Celestial Tigers themselves appear. One Heavenly Tiger and one Demonic Tiger appears near each non-Earthguard race's starting city (click those links to see their spawn locations). Don't take them lightly, for they are much more powerful than their minions (30 million HP each)

Heavenly Tiger  http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/mob/28019
Demonic Tiger  http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/mob/28020

The Rewards on Epic PW are not the same as they are on PWI
You can gain Uncanny Crystals (used for G17 145 Armor and Accesorys)
Rapture Crystals (used for G17 145 Weapons)
And Epic Coins

Once the event is over Speak with the mailbox and take the reward quest to get your prize.
Anyone who places over 2000 Contribution is a winner.
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WckdFists ~ 150 Demon BM
Erebos ~150 Demon Sin
Silas ~ 150 Sage Seeker

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Reward for 1st place is 10 Glazed Celestial packs, each one has:
30 epic coins
6 suppy tokens
5 rapture crystals
5 uncanny crystals
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