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Celestial Schism Mold

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So I've asked around and many people have told me that in order for the Celestial Schism mold to be used, you have to complete all the quests for whichever cultivation you chose. Now, here is my problem. I already spent 5 gold on the schism and there was no warning whatsoever that using the 3rd Sage/Demon fairy from the boutique doesn't count when trying to switch. I would like for EPW to change the requirements so that all you needed to switch was the third fairy and until then, add into the schism's description that you need to finish the quest chain the old fashioned way in order to switch.

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if u read the descriptions, there is your answer ;)
check the Fairy description AND the mold to Exchange culti's please.
about the changing its impossible due to a glitch that would allow players to have both cultivations...as u can imagine thats totally NOT happening.


It does say it in the description.