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Removing magers from PV

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Nobody tried to start shit with you man, you got all rude because people don't agree with you. Don't like the community? Leave... we don't need any more arrogant pricks like you who rudely respond to people who disagree with your suggestion. News flash buddy PEOPLE WONT AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAY!!! I hope you learn how to deal with this or you are going to have a very rough road ahead of you.

Been playing for 7 months, randy moss.

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Been playing for 7 months, randy moss.
7 months and you cant learn how to go around a mage? yeah... just.. uninstall


but wait i have heart that those guys that don't know how to dodge them own gv's and pvp  :tiger-44:
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I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about new players.

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A GM didn't say hell ***ing no, some rando bitched about PV going to become to easy if the mages we're removed.

Some classes like an archer for example, can pick them off. But, the amount of aoes it has, it has to keep running, wait for cooldown, aoe again.

Had no problems picking them off on my sin, then killing the rest of the mobs.
Had no problems going around it on my BM.  And even if I somehow get hit with the mage, aoes kill em fast enough.

I play an archer, when I was leveling, I used wingspan (knockback, hai), thunderous blast (yes, this is an aoe), sharpentooth, and then the good old barrage.  And since I'm sage, barrage reduced damage by 33%.  So mage or not, shit dies and fast.

I said that I THINK a GM said no to the idea (turns out there wasn't a GM response, I stand corrected there), but either way, this was brought up before, and everyone gave suggestions to that person on how to work with it.  I think the fool acted just like how you are. 

Actually...I just found the thread.


So yeah...

I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about new players.

New players are not stupid.  They either adapt, ask, or quit. 

Stay Classy.
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It really doesn't matter if they are there or not, either way, if you want to level .. take the good with the bad *shrugs* Personally, I rather enjoy the fact they are there, regardless of which class I play. Keeps me on my toes, and teaches me how to deal with them better on different classes. Like Mikau said, ya either adapt, ask or quit.

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There was another thread the same as this asking if the mages could be removed in Pv, though it was said awhile ago, they got replied back with a no. Only because like many other people here have said it's easy to just run around them or kill them first then get the other mobs. Just felt I should've said that there was another thread asking the same and stuff. D:

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