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DarkArms then, Emperor now!

No matter what we keep moving forward!

Probable one of the oldest factions here which is still alive and working on 101%

We are active, friendly, helpful, this is your place if you like to have a funny guild chat always active day
and night.

What we can offer you: The most important point id like to give you is the main reason, fun. Isn't this why

we're all here? To have a good time and have fun playing the game. We can offer you help, you need to run an

instance? Help around the game? We'll always be here to give you a hand! The guild it self is running a various

number of events; Pk events (1v1/2v2/3v3/etc), Fashion events, (I guess i don't have to explain this one), DT

and many more! We are a PK guild, which means we can provide the necessary help to assist you in every situa-


Sometimes members enjoy to joke around with each other, you shouldn't take anything seriously!

This guild is allergic to drama in every possible way, if something's bothering you, don't be shy to consult any

online officer and they'll be glad to help you!

We don't have strict requirements; -we want you to speak English
                                                        - active
                                                        - at least level 145
                                                        - friendly :)

If you feel this is your place you can always ask for an officer online and he'll be

 glad to invite you in! :)

We also have a website: epicemperor.shivtr.com you can always apply if there isn't any officers on and well get back to you as soon as possible!

Much love from Emperor!


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small update:)

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*Shock* Lol . Awesome! :)

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Apply now @ http://epicemperor.shivtr.com/

1.Lvl 145+
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That's really cool I would join but im with AE sorry   :sad: Btw who is leader of Emperor Nuggerk?
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Yay go Emperor ;D  :-*