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Custom Fashion?

Offline Sirana

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I'm not actually sure where to place this, but I was curious about something.

Is there any possible way to have customized fashion in game? Something like the weapon reskin? For example having an image or group name on a shirt? Realistic looking jeans for female fashion? ... Also a decent looking PVC Trench coat for Female fashion wouldn't go amiss >.>

Offline Jammy

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No clue but would be kooool, doubt it though I dunno

Offline Lolly

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I don't think theres anything like that right at the moment, though Aga may end up adding something along that line in the future.

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I remember awhile back someone posted a thread of these realistic looking jeans for females that another server had and Agatio said he'd look into it.

Offline Sirana

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Thank you everyone, for the input. I truly appreciate it :D ... I hope we do get more realistic looking jeans. I'm a jeans person.

Offline Uriel

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You can make your own fash if you know how to.

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We need more dresses for females