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plz delete ironguards ty


i love posts like that dude ^^ telling me to stop playing.
i was never rpking and i see no point in it same as coninuing on this thread...
It was meant to the people with easy wins.
and why do you want me to stop pvping ...
and what would be the point of playing...pve ?
Just tell me to stop posting on the forums instead or get me a ban on forums.
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No point in removing IG imo, it's a useful pill. I'm not defending the random IG spark players that intend on killing one and running into sz, but the pill has it's benefits. And as far as I see, it's not affecting many things..perhaps it's only the people that get killed by said spark-piller that are upset about it. But if it really causes that much of an issue then make it farmable by herbs only. Or double the EC forge/Boutique price. That would make it a little more annoying for donators that can just buy a crap load and not be as affected.

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I'm just saying, if you're gonna QQ about IGs, you might as well bitch and complain about all of the other things that can give you immunity to damage.