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How to get coins not epic coins?

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Hey i am new here how to get normal coins not epic coins?can someone tell me and thanks ;) :smiley: ;)

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For example, one solo Phoenix Valley (PV) run gives
about 10-11 mill coins.

Anyway, all over the EPW mobs drop much more coins
than in official PWI.

Whatever you kill, just make it your habit to pick up coins.
It will stack more than you believe right now, and you will
find coin farming in this game pretty easy.

Just give it some time.
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Just farm EC, sell for 3 mil coins each. So much easier than picking up 20000 stacks of coins.

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Ok ty guys for info:P ;)

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Any instances, especially PV, BH, and GV.

And yeah, Tavarn had it. Just sell whatever EC you have for 3-4m coins each.

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Yeah i wud just say to pick up coins u get from mobs or Farm EC in the perviously listed areas. also may i suggest getting trease maps from sharp spear, and begin to save them up till next x2 event, from treasure maps u can get EC rewards and also large amounts of gold, I made 1.3b cash in just a couple of hour of doing them and also about 800 EC...so yeah just save those up and at 150 or very close start doing NS and farm OBC which u can later make into EC....cya around.... ;)
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You can also do the following:

1.   Farm Card-bosses:  They drop Chrono pages for level 100 skills, then sell them

2.   Farm chrono sand (Moondshade Desert) and chrono leaves (Unicorn Forest), they sell very well  ( we are all
      lazy sometimes, too lazy to farm them for our gear)

I wish you well in your quest to make coin
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The boutique. You can buy 10 million big notes... Whatever their called.


The boutique. You can buy 10 million big notes... Whatever their called.
yeah, or sell your gold--75m each i believe (25ecx3m each=75m) ^^