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Whats your Fav Song :)

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             This is my fav song atm, and if their is already a thread like this, sorry i didnt no o-o But hai ;)

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Wedding dress by Taeyang xD is my favorite song

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That is a really hard question.

I also really like

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Everything I've posted in the music thread would be a 'favorite' in my book. But my #1 favorite is still the same since I first heard it however many years ago, I can still listen to it on repeat all day without getting tired of it.

Anyways tl;dr, blablabla, here it is...

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This song has the catchiest chorus everrrrr.

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Been listening to this 1, hell its even in my forum avatar.

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Dont click it, he bites ... :>
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i will be honest with the creator of the toipc and say that it is impossible to select 1 favourite song...
so i will just post the one im listening atm
there are 3 im into now...

aside frm this im listening now i couldn't Forget to refer to my really favourite stuff
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
there are too many...
i grew up listening to alot of "oldies" which young people now dont even know what it is lol