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R8r infos

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I need some informations:
how many ec you need to get full R8r set? from nothin to R8r...
the set bonuses?

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..... Has anyone actually took the time to calculate that? It's all about the reshape.

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its all about luck ;)
so u can speand 9 and get a good reshape or spend 999999 and get nothing  :rolleyes:

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just to get it no reshape!!
200k rep is in ec? and so on.  :-[

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its all about luck ;)
so u can speand 9 and get a good reshape or spend 999999 and get nothing  :rolleyes:

this is so true. sometimes i spend tons of ECs and get lame stats. then there were the good times when i got nice stats on first  or second reshape.  :P

200k rep is 8k Wraith Officer Badges.
The unreforged r8 equips can be bought with coins from TI Chien at 1k Streams. 2 items require wedding candies. as for the first round of reforge. thinks its about 1.2-1.8k dpending on how many r8 equips you want to reforge.
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i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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Buying from players, it's 1k EC to get the badges for the 200 reputation req. For getting the normal r8 you'll need 3 million coins for top/wep/leggings and 80 million coins for boots/wrists. And to reforge all that you'll need around 2.7k ec (my memory could be wrong in this one but it was more or less that amount).
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I actually did calculate.

900-1000 ec's for the rep, 400 EC's to reforge weapon, 370 EC per armor piece--there are 4 pieces.  So all that is nearly 3k EC's--2,880 to be exact.  If you get a good deal on the rep, it can be slightly cheaper.

Reshaping on the other hand...infinity.  I forked out well over 1k EC's on my wizzie's r8 reshaping, and 2k+ EC's on my archer's pants.

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To recast/reshape your gear : Infinite EC, it really depends on you on what stats you like or dislike in your gears.

To have full Rank 8 gear : http://leddiable2.wix.com/epic-perfect-world#!rank-8/c8r

-For weapons : 999 memorial coins ( each 1 ec = 10 memorial coins )

                            299 adamntine whestone ( each 1 ec = 3 adamntine whestone )

                            15 Oricalcum ore ( each 10 ec = 1 oricalcum ore )

                            Total cost : 100+ 100 + 150 = 350 ECs

- For gears :  999 Memorial coins

                           200 round shield medal ( 1 ec = 2 round shield medal )

                           9 platinum ore ( 7 ec = 1 platinum ore )                                                         

                           Total cost : 100 + 100 + 63 = 263 ECs