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New GM event.


I like it too


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How about this.
The 45 minutes absolute free time isn't absolutely free, and the GM somehow set up a room full of mobs with high spirit and low exp? (If that's possible) They have a while to grind spirit, Before being given 15 minutes to learn, And set up all their skills (A.K.A Hotkeys and macros) After that they all get tele'd into an instance like city of abomination and can either.
1)Be put in a free for all "Point collection" sort of thing. Ressurection is allowed, You just aim to get the most kills in the time limit
2)A pvp tournament, with GM's trying to balance fights out

3)A team fight, With the teams being randomly put together. I like this idea because you might end up with absolute pros, Or absolute nubs, People you love or hate, But either way you MUST work together to win.

Post comments and thoughts ty

Offline Uriel

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For example if 16 ppl participate it takes a few mins till the last person is ported awawy by a GM=the first one that is taken has alot less time then the one that was last ported. The main idea of this is good but its very hard to make it work fairly.

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more fun wippeing ppl for me aw

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I can get 150 fully geared whit 3rd fairy in 10 mins. and if i find seller i can get warsong cube dragonscale and morai skills too.
This is shit Uriel hahahhaha .

Offline Uriel

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If you have enough gold or ec its very easy.