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Whats your Fav Color???

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  • Lovin u is Red
Bored but Mines Pink Whats urs :)

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Mine is blue/black.

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this is probably pretty obvious but do you know why when the sun is setting it looks red? because of all the colors red is the one that travels the farthest red/black my favorite colors

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  • Lovin u is Red

Offline Stella

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  • Lovin u is Red
The color of your vagina ;)
(Grey and Pale purple)
           Lol ofc u would try to image what you were ploped out of, stfu and get off my thread

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Sorry make sense pls? s:
No no, I remember you well and fine baby gurl...
You pussy big and wide....
I wouldnt forget that gaping gole bby...Grey and pale purple...MMMM
You're going to get this thread locked.
-On topic-
Mine is Red, Blue, Black, and Orange
Grim - barb
SeemsLegit - bm

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greens my fav.... ganja, trees, limes, veggies, and oh yea money  :tiger-15:


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I don't have speciffic one.

For me beauty of every color depends
on other colors around it.
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