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New barb/veno form

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r we going to be getting the new fox form and panda forms for untamed class and if so... they would be by our own choice to have them right ?


it will be cool yes :) and nation's war too :) but i think isn't simple to have this


The new forms which are a clear ripoff of World of Warcraft's Mist of Pandaria expansion? I'm sure EPW will be getting them. And yes, it would be your choice whether or not you will use them. Though I do hear that you become more powerful once you get the new form... could just be a rumor though.

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well i'm just saying about the choice cause Storm server made my barb a panda and i didn't want it .... i like my veno there though it's cute.. but wasn't my choice on either..

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I'd like for them to be added. The new fox Veno looks awesome. :3
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Only with Sirens of War expansion, so still it will take a while...