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a good barb build?

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Well i decided to reroll into a a barb and i was wondering a good build to deal great dmg with axes/poleaxe(not those barbs who 3 spark with claws) also havin a decent dmg with arma, if its possible and if i should use r8 or dragon.
Thanks in advance:)

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well axe barbs in general have a high dmg but low accuracy and crits.
i think if you get a r8 axe with gof it would be good and try to add some extra vit points cause arma loves long hp and you need some genie skills such as tree of protection(increase your hp for a few seconds) and mire i think you know it as long as you play a sin, and try normal kitteh's combos davour ~~> mighty swing ~~> besatial onslaught ~~> tree of protection ~~> mire ~~> arma
in that case i think demon arma ll help alot and add some accuracy gems to wep may help too as long as axe kittehs have a high str and a low dex

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Speaking of rerolling, I compared
Barb and BM with Axes.

What makes me like BM more are
more convenient AoE's in squad.

Barb's AoE can easily knock group of mobs
out of Seek's vortex reach, and slow down
Seek's damage on them.
(Same as Archer's WingSpan.)
Seek (and Wiz) can sometimes get annoyed by that.
Time that one for moments when you need
two seconds more for charm to tick.


On the other hand, they both can solo alot,
but Barb can solo a little bit more.


For Axes add as much Dex as you need for gear,
everything else to Str.

Unlike the official PWI, here Poleaxe deals same
damage as Dual Axes per hit, but Poleaxe is faster.
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for axe build i like sage more. put enough  dex for wep then str all the way.  i have both demon and sage barb Imo demon offers more versatility and sage is better for axe types.
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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  • cherni bumer
Those were really clear explanations, i got the info on everything i needed, thanks so much guys :D