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NOOOOOO. Female don have cawks and abs like men do.
;c Plus i rather play male chars, i hate playing opposite gender :p
T_T Mannnn this sucks.
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NO! I Demand man thongs
I demand Speedos!
I wanna show my ass.
I wanna show my cawk(outline)!
I wanna have super virtual abs!
I demand retribution!
Me wanna be a slut D: <

I can't really see EPW fulfilling your wishes..I'm pretty sure you can find a virtual site somewhere that does.  lmao
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new fash.....oohh yeahhhhh !!
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cant wait to try the new fash
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lemme try my signature if it works xD

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Awe...I was hoping for something explicit for us men. I demand it D:...Please? :c
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new fashionnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLS YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Stay Classy.
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woooowooooooo new fash ik how im spending my next 3 hrs of game time hehehehe  ^-^

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i hope you added pokemon fashion  :normal-5:

Lol Pokemon suits >:]


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Lol Pokemon suits >:]
thatd be sooo bad ass :P

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New mounts sound intresting C:
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Can't go online! FFS!
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thx Agatio for updates  :normal-42: :normal-48:

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Awesome new fashion btw