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Epic 3v3 Event : Music Wishes for Stream

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As promised a Music Wish Thread
Links to the other Threads :

You can here post your wishes for the stream.
I want you to post in the following form :
  • 1st Music Wish (Band Name / Song Name )
  • 2nd Music Wish (Band Name / Song Name )
  • 3rd Music Wish (Band Name / Song Name )

But I have to point out that not every music wish will be accepted.
First, I will check if the songs are okay.
Second, it depends if I can find a download link. I won't play from youtube and I wont download them from YouTube

Everyone is allowed to post 1 TIME and only 3 WISHES
It doesn't have to be 3 wishes though.
You ONLY POST your wishes. Every post that contains more than the 3 wishes will be deleted.
Do not spam on this topic. I take the right to mute everyone not keeping this thread clean and I do take the right to disqualify/ban people from my Event. So be mature and nothing will happen.

Playlist so far :

Additional Info :
  • Nightcore songs will probably not appear in the list since Nightcore is a genre, not an Artist. I could add the original ones though.
  • Songs not in the playlist but on the wishlist are either still in Download progress, can't find it in good quality or I didn't consider them putting them into the playlist
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1st wish :Heliy - Thunderous
2nd wish:Blowsight - Toxic
3rd wish:Celldweller - Own Little World
I can provide download links for all 3

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1st: Get Scared - deepest cut
2nd: Get Scared - Keep yourself alive
3rd: Papa Roach - Give me back my life

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1st wish: B.o.B - Out of my Mind
2nd wish: AC/DC- Back in Black
3rd wish: Nightcore- Angel With A Shotgun

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1st Music Wish (Eminem/ Love the way you lie  :P )
2nd Music Wish (Swedish house mafia/ Dont you worry child )
3rd Music Wish (kesha / Die young )

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1st Music Wish: (Marina and the Diamonds-How to be a Heartbreaker)
2nd Music Wish: (Nightcore-The Ballad of Mona Lisa)
3rd Music Wish: (Of Monster and Men-Little Talks)

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1st Music Wish: Nightcore - Remember The Name
2nd Music Wish: Groove Coverage - Angeline
3rd Music Wish: Pitbull - Feel This Moment ft. Christina Aguilera


Hollywood Undead - I am
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Sum 41 - With Me

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1st one, Ac/Dc - TNT
2nd, Jimi Hendrix - VooDoo Child
3rd Any Steve Vai solo!!!
LikeFishABos- R8+Drag Sage Sin.
KittyKatToe- Sage Barb
SumYungHo_ - Sage Veno

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    1st Music Wish (Three Days Grace / Never to Late )
    2nd Music Wish (Linkin Park  /  Breaking the Habit )
    3rd Music Wish (Breaking Benjamin / Diary of Jane )

Please and thank you

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1st...... Kayne West - Stronger
2nd.... Dragon Force - Through the fire and flame
3rd......Baauer - Harlem shake
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Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone

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1: Poets of the Fall - Lift
2: Avantasia - Another Angel Down
3: Nightwish - Storytime

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Limp Bizkit - Any song is perfect.

on side note: snuppa91, that video is just awesome lol