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What is Forest Ruins?
Forest ruins is an old instance that has been brought back to life with new content and fun mechanics! It serves as a high difficulty dungeon.
All bosses in Forest Ruins are immune to every debuff except the Heaven's Flame effect. Mobs are only immune to knock-back effects.
None of the bosses auto aggro, while every mob auto aggros.
It is not mandatory to clear the mobs, but not doing it might make it a bit too difficult.
V55: You can enter Forest Ruins with only 6 players now. Forest Ruins all mob and boss HPs have been reduced by 40%. No changes to any mechanics for now, but there will be some if necessary.

Forest Ruins- Challenge Mode:
  • You can now complete Forest Ruins in a challenge mode. During this mode, charms are disabled (both HP and MP) and all of the monsters and bosses have higher attack and HP.
  • To enter the challenge mode, talk to the Mysterious Disciple NPC and take the "Forest Ruins - Challenge Mode" quest.
  • The challenge mode shares the same cooldowns as the regular mode. This means that you can complete any of the two on maximum of two characters per account per day.
  • You can enter the challenge mode with 10 players.
  • Challenge mode rewards:
    • Rewards obtained by killing each boss remain the same.
    • 30 x Perfect Element instead of 15 x Perfect Element as an additional reward for killing Fallacy Vanquisher.
    • 12 x Random Fragment or 120 x Supply Token (Instead of 5/50) from the Treasure Chest.
    • 1 x Chromatic Talisman from the Treasure Chest.
    • 1 x Event Chest from the Treasure Chest.
  • Completing the challenge mode in under 30 minutes will grant you a new title - Conquistador . This title gives +25 physical/magic damage and +60 physical/magic defense.

From where can I enter Forest Ruins?
You can enter Forest Ruins through Mystical Disciple. He will be next to every Spiritual Disciple, the GV entrance NPC.

In case you die or just join a run, you can use the Forest Ruins Teleporter NPC in the beginning to teleport back to a boss room which you've cleared.
The chambers are labeled and placed in order so you know which is the current boss.

List of bosses:

Herculean Spirit
Orpheus, Master of Melody and Eurydice, Mistress of Melody
Oedipus, the Chained Terror
Pristine Torment
Executioner Thorn
Grim, the Glooming Desire
Serene Candour, Chione and Alluring Deceit, Hephaestus
Fallacy Vanquisher


Herculean Spirit

Herculean Spirit uses an aoe seal every 20 seconds. This has a 50% chance of working. Every 30 seconds it uses an aoe purge which also has a 50% success rate.
Every 8% HP, Herculean Spirit will use a class related skill.
Every 40 seconds, Herculean Spirit will start charging a powerful attack. A message will pop up when the charge stats, after the message, you have 6 seconds to get away from him, or you will be 1hit. The range on this attack is 45 meters. When he says "You survived this time!", then it means it's safe to approach him.

The reward for killing him is 3 Fragments, chosen at random.

Orpheus, Master of Melody and Eurydice, Mistress of Melody

Orpheus and Eurydice are twin bosses.
Orpheus should be fought with meele range classes; he spawns green circles at spots which are outside his meele range. He spawns servants every 20 seconds, which must be killed within 10 seconds, or Orpheus will absorb them. Absorbing 3 servants will cause him to do an aoe 1hit attack, which can be dodged with only immunity. Orpheus also attacks with aoe APS and CT reduction and also paralysis.

Eurydice should be fought by ranged classes; she spawns green circles around her. She spawns servants every 20 seconds, which must be killed within 10 seconds or she will absorb them. Absorbing 3 servants will cause her to become immune to damage for 20 seconds.
Eurydice also uses an AOE seal every 15 seconds.

Both Eurydice and Orpheus must die within 7 seconds from the others death. That means you must do the last hits on both of them at the same time.

The reward for defeating them is 6 random Fragments.

Oedipus, the Chained Terror

Every 20 seconds, Oedipus will spawn chests at the corners of his room. Players should be positioned so they are ready to dig them. The chests must be dug within 8 seconds and they have a 1 second dig time. If you fail to dig them then Oedipus will do aoe 1 hit attacks after he finishes charging for 6 seconds. If this happens then everyone should run to the walls of the room to avoid the attacks. After the attacks he will use a damage reduction buff, so if you see it then it means its safe to go back.
If you succeed in digging the chests then red damage orbs will spawn across the room, which can be dug for 2x extra damage.
Oedipus uses constant AOE push and AOE pull skills, which will make it difficult to dig the chests.

The reward for clearing Oedipus is 9 random Fragments.

Executioner Thorn

Executioner Thorn is a very low HP miniboss which can be soloed. Killing it will weaken the next boss, Grim, the Glooming Desire.
The intended strategy is that one person, a highly mobile class, will go to clear Thorn while the other 9 members go to clear Pristine Torment.
If Pristine Torment dies before Thorn then Thorn will de-spawn and Grim will have 80.000.000 HP instead of 60.000.000

Thorn does not have any mechanics; it's a plain miniboss.

Pristine Torment

Pristine Torment will purge at the beginning of the fight.
Every 4 seconds, Pristine Torment will use an AOE poison skill. This poison damage is very high and also stacks, make sure you keep checking your HP bar. and cleanse when possible.
Every 20 seconds, Pristine Torment will spawn 6 towers which will deal 2400 damage across the entire room. (V56: Changed to 4 towers.) This damage stacks every 2 seconds up to 7 times, which will be 16800 damage per second.  You need to kill the towers as fast as possible.

If you succeed in killing the towers then Cleanse Orbs will spawn near the boss, you can dig them to remove the poison stacks from the boss.
If the towers are not killed within 1 minute then the boss will reset.

The reward for clearing Pristine Torment is 12 random Fragments.

Grim, the Glooming Desire.

Grim will use purge at the start of the fight. His attack is an AOE fire attack, which deals decently high damage, especially with fire defense reduced.
Every 30 seconds, Grim will spawn minions which will walk the 4 paths. 2 of these minions are immune to magic damage and can only be paralysed. Other 2 minions are immune to phy damage and all debuffs.

The mobs must be killed within 10 seconds. If Grim absorbs 4 minions then he will empower and cast an AOE 1 hit skill. The mobs do not have to reach the end of the path, they only have to stay alive for 10 seconds to empower Grim.
Grim also frequently uses a knock-up skill. At 75%, 50% and 25% HP, he will cast an AOE push back skill. Make sure you're at an angle which will not push you to the lava. If you fall in then you will be teleported to the beginning of the instance.

The reward for clearing Grim, the Glooming Desire is 12 random Fragments.

Serene Candour, Chione and Alluring Deceit, Hephaestus

Chione and Hephaestus both have around 2x lower HP than other bosses. The squad should split up at this point, 5 members going to clear Hephaestus and 5 members clearing Chione.
Chione Will cast purge at the start of the fight. She is an AOE water damage casting boss. At every 13% HP, Chione will use immunity and start walking a path. When she reaches the end of the path, she will disable the immunity. You must make her move within 1 minute, else she will cast a 1 hit skill and reset.

Hephaestus will purge at the start of the fight. He is an AOE fire damage casting boss. At every 13% HP he will cast immunity and start walking a path. At the end of his path he will disable the immunity. You must make him walk a path within 1 minute, else he will cast a 1 hit skill and reset.

Chione and Hephaestus will meet at their End spots. You must get their HP to 22% at the end of their paths, which will cause them to cast immunity. If the other boss is not also at 22%, then they will start waiting. So both the bosses HP must be lowered to 22%.

Fallacy Vanquisher

Fallacy will cast purge at the start of the fight.
At 85%, 65% and 45% HP, Fallacy will spawn green circles which cover 3/4 of the room. You must go to the 1/4 of the room which does not have green circles. A Realm Illusion will also spawn in that 1/4, which you must kill or it will get absorbed after 15 seconds. the 3/4 of the green circles will rotate and another 1/4 clear area will appear, where you will have to move to. Another Realm Illusionwill also appear there. The same will happen twice after 15 seconds.
Fallacy will be available for killing during all that. If during the first wave(85% hp) you get him to 75%, then he will use immunity until the end of green circles. When the green circles end, he will disable the immunity and red orbs for 2x damage will spawn across the room. If you do not get him to 75% then red orbs will not spawn.
At 65% you can get him to 55%, at 45% you can get him to 35%.

If Fallacy absorbs 1 Realm Illusion then he will buff up, decreasing the damage he takes by around 25%. If he absorbs 2 then he will cast aoe purge and occult ice. If he absorbs 3 then he will cast aoe purge, occult ice and high aps and CT reduction. If he absorbs 4 then he will cast an AOE 1hit skill.
The absorb counter does not reset with each wave. This means if during the first wave he absorbs 2 Realm Illusions, then he will cast aoe purge and occult after the end of wave 2 and wave 3, even if you fully clear it.
The counter only resets after he absorbs 4 Realm Illusions total.

At 25% HP, Fallacy will spawn a Servant. This servant must be cleared within 30 seconds or Fallacy will cast a 1 hit skill. This servant is immune to magic damage. If he is aggroed then he will cast Dark Link to the ones who attack him. Dark Link is a debuff which lasts for 10 seconds. If this debuff is on you, then basic attacking anything will cause them to heal a lot HP. It will cast Dark Link only after every 4 seconds. This means if you get at least 3 players, then there will be a gap where you can attack without beings affected by Dark Link. This debuff does not affect DPH, so you can use DPH with Dark Link on you and not heal anything.
Make sure you don't attack Fallacy either if Dark Link is on you, else you will cause him to heal a lot.

At 15% HP, Fallacy will start attacking with 1 hit attacks for 15 seconds. Immunity circles will spawn at each corner of the room. You must go to these circles to gain immunity for 15 seconds. You can keep attacking Fallacy during the immunity, just make sure you don't use sparks which will remove your 15 seconds immunity.

The reward for clearing Fallacy is 18 random Fragments.
This boss will also give extra 20 random fragments if you have killed at least 53 monsters.
You will also get 15 Perfect Elements when killing this boss. This quest can be done twice per account every day.

A door to his treasure room will also open, you can dig 10 chests there to gain more rewards. (V56: Changed to 6 chests) These chests have a 30 second dig time and will de-spawn after 2 minutes.

The credits for this instance:

Assistance with testing and feedback:

Coming up with names and texts:

And big thanks to Rouga for ideas for most of the boss mechanics, their texts, stats. Also helped with a lot of testing and feedback for the accessory socketing system overall.

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first successful run on server took us 3 hours he he now u gotta do that x40 if u are not trading mats to get 1 shard +5 stat

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