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Reply to Brash on WatchTowers 2v2 event

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*Yes, we know. GM's are biased when they don't do things in your favor. Obviously.*

Ok so rematching for the reason * She doesnt even target the right person* <- Our problem she sucks? OR
After 2 minutes, saying *rematch* cause apperently this unsaid rule that you cant go outside the Area= Rematch?
Probably wouldnt have said that if she lived, also why not say it directly after she dies and not after 20000 minutes?

this Yes, we know. GM's are biased when they don't do things in your favor. Obviously.<- Is so stupid. Sorry Val

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Making new topics when the old ones are closed is just a bad idea.

It's up to the GM hosting if they want to allow rematches, it's not the first time it's been done.
I'm pretty sure if you asked for a rematch when something had gone wrong, you'd have gotten one.

Not WT's fault you ragequit the event, sorry Rev.

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Hmmm, Next time before you rage quit, lissen to what i'm saying...

Rematch was made because THE VENO Target ppl that was in the middle of the arena. Something that is show on your video as well. And i cllearly said as well, the Mage would not be allowed back, sinse he was killed on fair reasons. But you insted of lissen to what i was saying. Just went on a childish tantrum and left. Reason why the win was given to them. You left=you forfit.

Next time, before you rage quit, try to read what I'm saying. It usually helps :)

Ty to lucy that made my awsome Siggy and avvy
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